• God created free will. We have a choice to choose our path in life.
  • God is in no hurry to end life, but wishes all be given oppurtunity to receive his grace.
  • G-d likes to mess with us.
  • If I tell my son not to jump on the bed because he will hurt himself, and he does it anyway, and huts himself; should I have killed him to prevent what I knew was likely to happen? Of course not. He chose to ignore my warnings and got hurt. It was his decision to make. We make our own decisions. God lets us. He has no desire for us to be mindless robots. If he did he would have made us like that.
  • The reasoning is quite simple; God is intelligent, and, most likely, gets bored as Hell. Humans, being wacky little creations, are like walking punchlines. More importantly, we have free will. God knows the nature of all things, but we, being given his own divine spark (that being sentience and a soul) are capable of doing something wonderous, anything we bloody feel like. Honestly, God can predict what we may do, but never what we WILL do.
  • We have our very own decision to make wheter to go to hell og heaven
  • Because everyone gets a chance at salvation, and not everyone that is to be born has been born. God created a pattern that he works within, just as he expects us too. It's what makes a "false prophet" stand out in a crowd.
  • We are here because of the rebellion of that fallen third in the heavenly host.. led by Satan. There are 3 Heaven & Earth ages. In the 1st Heaven & Earth, Satan's pride overtook him and he deceived God's children to rebel against their Father. The 2nd Heaven & Earth is a staged trial of that 1st H&E. Each soul is 'born from above' to take part in this trial and give their testimony of their place with God and their love for Him. Just as the 1st H&E ended with the rebellion of Satan, so too does this 'time of dealing' with man on earth prior to the second advent of our Lord. The Millennial reign of Jesus Christ is a time of learning for all of God's children. When Judgment day comes, we will be judged on our lives under the reign of Jesus Christ, not on this world we're experiencing right now. This life we're living now is a reflection of choices we've already made before we were born into this world. If God made a hell to keep all the bad souls, wouldn't you think it'd be inescapable? Why are there ghosts & spirits that need to be exorcised and 'SENT BACK TO HELL?' .. as if they escaped? Answer.... Hell as we're traditionally taught does not exist. Where was Satan in the book of Job? In heaven. Where is Satan before the advent of the Anti-Christ? In heaven... Held at bay by the Archangel Michael until the appointed time. When Michael lets him go at 'the appointed time' then the Anti-Christ will appear on earth. Because Satan has just got kicked out of heaven and thrown down on earth.... to become... The "Instead of" Christ. Hell as we know it is a pagan concept, originating with the pagan worship of Molach. In the Bible, the single word Hell is translated from 3 different words. In some places, Sheol is translated to hell. which simply means a grave.. which is the end of the line for the physical body.. not the spirit. The second word is Gehenna. Which means a garbage dump that's eventually burned. What happens to burnt garbage? It's destroyed to nonexistence.. all gone.. no more. The third word is Tartaroo. A.K.A. Tartarus. To put it simply, it's a temporary realm created by God to confine his rebellious heavenly children. In other words, it's for people in heaven that know God and still choose to rebel against him. It's not a place for people in this mortal world of confusion & ignorance to be thrown in. Those in Tartaroo will be released at the end of the millennial reign along with Satan to test if God's children have learned their lesson. At the end of the millennium, wickedness & evil is judged to non-existence & the rest go into the 3rd Heaven & Earth age of eternal perfection.
  • The answer to this question lies within the book of Job. If Satan knows he is going to fail, then why does God allow him to continue? Remember that Satan said the only reason that Job loved and served God is because God protected him. So, God removed his protection from Job and allowed Satan to prove his point. Job lost everything we would consider of value. He lost his family, his wealth, his security, health, social standing, and almost his very identity. Job passed the test. Of his own free will, even when he was riddled with devastating hardships, Job chose to serve God. God wants everyone, not just the ones that serve him. In order to see the experiment through to the painful end, God allows evil to continue in order for us to make the right choices each and every hour of every day. The choice is: Do men need God or can they run their lives and the world God gave them without His help or influence? That is essentially how I interpret the book of Job and this question.
  • god is an overpowered being with the same weaknesses as humans. god just has the power to use its will to create things instantaneously wjhile lesser beings have to work at it. that why a person can do quite a bit of harm and succeed and quite a bit of good and suffer every problem out there. this is purely opinion and has no bearing on reality being that as a mere human i have no idea of what reality truly is.
  • the best thing in the world to happen to me was to have two wonderful children. i'll feel the same one day about having grandchildren, maybe even great grandchildren. if god took me today, god, and i, wouldn't benefit from knowing the souls of our children's children.
  • We were born so that our spirits could have a body. We're here to gain experience to learn and to grow. and God gave us agency so we could choose for ourselves Which we would have to have in order to gain experience.

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