• Sounds like a good thing to ask a gynecologist.
  • You need to see a doctor. Any one of your symptoms could be a sign of something potentially serious. Be safe and get checked out. Sooner rather than later.
  • Sweet merciful heavens! Get yourself to a Gyne! You could have an infection, tell the receptionist it is serious.
  • could be anything from a yeast infection to an std..... is intercourse painful? itching? odor? heavy discharge? etc.....u should see a dr.....
  • ...are you getting wet down there? If your not, of course it will burn, and if it bleeds after ward probably from tearing or to much rubbing... Not sure about the period thing though, it could be something alot worse. A cyst...or maybe even worse. An STD, HPV (and cervical cancer)....I would definatly scheduale an appointment and get that checked out. ASAP.
  • first of all, if you can't spell, you know nothing about having sex. Second of all, if you know nothing about having sex, how do you know you aren't pregnant? Third of all, common sense would tell you you aren't lubricated enough to be having sex. Sounds more like a "slam, bam, thank-you-man" situation than intimate sex, especially if he's causing you to bleed. Is he too big? Take the rest of the advice above: go see a gyno. Next, get rid of the boyfriend.
  • That would be something I would be asking a doctor about, and quickly!

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