• not the same because money and sex are two very different things. Sweeping generalizations are inevitably inaccurate. Saying all of any group has one particular trait is kind of goofy.
  • In terms of generalizing about an entire group of people, absolutely. I think it's just easier for some people to do because it doesn't require as much thought or self reflection.
  • Maybe because that is what most men and women do care about...mostly. (smile) No, I am joking again. But not a complete joke. I would say that much of women's opinions of men is 'projection'. We all project onto others what we imagine in our minds. I think many women are very much into sex, themselves, and like to think that the "other ones", those "male things" are really obsessed with it...and them. Not always true. Most men I know are also into women and sex, but, the realities of life mean that most of their energy, concentration, and time, is put into work. Without it, they have no "life" and no chance of having a relationship with a woman, or any thoughts of a family. I can't speak for all "men", but in my area most of the men I know work more or less constantly. Many work two jobs. I did myself when I was younger. I could not do it now. People in this area used to marry at a much younger age than now. My parents were both about twenty. My grandparents were in their teens. Now, it is at least mid-twenties and they delay having children longer. Times are tough. There is the "living together" thing. Some last, but most don't, more than a year or so. It is "playing at marriage". They find it is harder than they thought. The very fact of making a living is not very "romantic". It is hard work. And you cannot suddenly have the standard of living your parents have..and you had..when you were a kid at home. It took a long time for your parents to get what they have. It could take you even longer. And most young marriages today break up over finances, not infidelity. Are women (girls) usually the ones who leave? Yes. Look at the newspapers. Who asks for a divorce from whom? And, they "fall out of love" mainly because the guy does not make enough money to make them "happy". Yes, I know many of them also work. But, this does not matter. The worst part is when there are children. And, the circle goes round and round.
  • So you are saying all Men all worried about is keeping their money and all Women are worried about is staying virgin? That doesn't make sense. It is not a quid pro quo situation.
  • Well, it could be because when hot women walk by we act like children....LOL No not all women care about money, but they do want security, which money offers... + 5
  • The key word in your question is "some". On any subject you will find SOME folks always hold contrarian views. They have a right to them. It's really up to us to accept those views or quietly pass them over.
  • That is right. We do.... Give me Money Money can't buy everything it's true What it can't buy I can't use Give me money That's all I want
  • Well the big pictures here is that in the end (some) men just want sex out of a relationship. And the other one is saying (some) women are greedy. Being as I am a man I know (some) men are greedy. So, could I infer that (some) women just want sex?
  • I think men care about money just as much as women and they seem to want sex more.
  • I don't know but I know that if a man doesn't have sex on the mind, the woman will start to. And there is a little tip for all you single guys out there.
  • I don't care about money.. all I care about is cats and shoes. My co-worker may think about sex but he doesn't get any so he is very involved in War Hammer and World of Warcraft.
  • yes it is the same thing. but there is some truth to both. lets be honest. women look for security in a relationship. thats why bums dont have girls falling all over them. men like to find a woman who is as sexualy compatible as them. there is nothing better than coming home to a nice home and a loving s/o and great sex. see it all fits together. but, i think its the same on both sides. just our priority of it is diffrent.
  • Because it is all some men think about...
  • You do have a point. Generalisations are wrong.
  • Right on. In our younger days both the above mentioned are true. Men think of sex 24/7, it would be more if the clocks could be put back. Women think about money a bit longer than men think about sex. As we get older things change, men think about sex but, thinking is as far as it goes. Women still think about money and begin checking the insurance polocies monthly.
  • stereotypes are seldom fair. sigh great question :-) +6
  • I know like.... woman dont care about sex and men dont care about money.... this is so wrong!
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      WHAT? I COULDNT HEAR YOU!!@!!! SOMEONE WAS YELLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      WHAT? I COULDNT HEAR YOU!!@!!! SOMEONE WAS YELLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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