• Not at all, unless they started hitting on me lol then some ground rules would have to be laid out!
  • For me,it wouldn't change at all.Like I've said a thousand times before,my sister's gay,and we still fight like cat and dog as always and I still love her anyway.She's the same person still!*+++++*
  • Nope. What do I care what they do in the bedroom? How they treat others and themselves is what matters to me. +5
  • Nope. It's their sex life. As long as they don't start hitting on me, I am fine with it.
  • i don't have a problem with any one else's sexual orientation as long as they don't let it impinge on me. that is "fine your gay, i'm not, so don't hit on me and we'll get a long fine." as for lesbians, no problem there either, what happens in my imagination is my business and i won't pass it on to you. (just happens that to me, something like the park scene with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair in cruel intentions is incredibly hot)
  • Been there done that. Nope.
  • Not unless i was stuck in the room with the lad, who had just taken viagra, and who was much stronger than me, then id be concearned.
  • If it was my mom or dad, it would be really really really weird for a while. If it was my boyfriend, it would ruin my life. Otherwise, it wouldn't matter at all.
  • No because it is who they are and what they choose to be.
  • My 16 year old sister is BI (I believe I've mentioned that) and if I didn't accept anyone else; I couldn't accept her... She's family no matter how much she despises me... Yeah, I guess she feels the way she does because we're brother and sister but I still love her... But no, it wouldn't change my relationship with them... Even if they had the usual lesbian tendency to completely hate, disrespect, and insult men (which I find hypocritical when they complain about how men do the same to women) I still wouldn't change my mind... I'm very accepting of anyone... "DO WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY AND DON'T LET A SINGLE PERSON TRY TO MAKE YOU CHANGE" is my motto... My cousin's BI and her girlfriend is a lesbian... She's the only lesbian I've met who doesn't hate, disrespect, or insult men... She thinks they are gross though, but she's quite entitled to her opinion... Hope this helps... :D
  • Nope. Not a lot surprises me anymore.
  • Nope. I'd just shake their hand and announce that I was heterosexual to follow suit.
  • not at all! If a friend of mine liked to eat Asparagus, I wouldnt disown them, despite the fact that I dont eat asparagus. sexual orientation holds about that much signifigance to me.
  • Hell NO

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