• I think it's probably a waste of time, I don't think anyone will actually learn better grammar from it, and some will resent it.
  • Even English teachers are not that tacky; I recommend that you learn to read for meaning and intent rather than for grammar and correct diction.
  • It makes me loose (sic) my mind when I see bad grammer (sic) and spelling. I point it out, like the lack of capitals and stuff, you know you're dealing with a grade 'A' moron when they don't capitalise names and titles. It's the wrong way around, if anyone's to be hated, it should be the buffoons who use bad grammar and spelling, not those that point it out.
  • If I thought it would help, I'd support you 100%. But correcting someone isn't the same thing as teaching them. Nice try, though. +5
  • hehe i can't speak for anyone else but i often make mistakes and if u did it to me i would just take note of it and try to correct myself..have a nice day
  • I asked a similar question when I first started. It was immediately shot down because I was told that the purpose of this venue is not to teach spelling and grammar but to share ideas and thoughts. It was never explained why criticism of grammar and spelling upset this exchange. I do know that the insistence on proper grammar and spelling will bring hostile answers and responses. Good luck if you try. +4
  • Personally I'd appreciate it. It's nice to see someone with standards.
  • You would drive me nuts. :) Though I do agree that spelling is going pretty wrong these days, and in my own language it can annoy me, on this site there are many people who do not originally speak English. Like me. ;) If someone would correct me all the time, that person would really annoy me. I may not be perfect in English, but at least I'm trying to speak an other language. (Which can't often be said of many people who have English as their first language.) Here, on AB, in my opinion it is about the message, not about if it is perfectly written.
  • I hate when people take things too seriously on the internet. It's not like this is school. I can see if someone was writing a term paper, but they're not. They are just trying to get something off their chest. They may be in a hurry and forget to check their post. I happens to me all the time. I block spelling police. I'm about to block one now on IMDb.
  • Being grammar police if fine (annoying to many, but fine), but this isn't the place for it. Not only is the comment often perceived as rude (in an interrupting, annoying sort of way) and unnecessary, but many grammar mistakes are intentionally uncorrected in the spirit of casualty and ease. We're here to ask and answer questions, whether we do it perfectly proper is entirely unimportant.
  • It's kind of annoying but go for it. I often see questions poorly formulated and I sometime comment. But not usually. But what does drive me a nit batty is that SMS shorthand people use. I guess I'm old. :-) +5
  • i will be very grateful if you do that to me cause i'm having trouble at grammars.. some people might find that annoying when you correct them.. Well,everyone has their own way to deal with critics and corrections
  • I don't think this is the forum for that. Some of it bothered me a bit too; but after a while I got use to it.
  • There will be those who hate you, those who are annoyed, and those who appreciate your diligence. Personally, I think at least MOST questions should have pretty correct grammar, because people are searching for answers to those questions, and that's what the site is for, right? Anyway, I've been answering similar questions since soon after I started on AB. There are MANY reasons that grammar is incorrect, and you MUST take those into account. Yes, GENTLY correcting spelling errors is ONE thing (though you must consider that it could be a typo, not a misspelling), but, see the questions and answers to the following before you go out "whole hog" to correct things, here: Using wrong words and text questions - Complaining about vocabulary and texting - What's the big deal about using text-speak - How annoying is bad grammar and why it should and shouldn't matter - and Why do so many questions on AB lack proper spelling, punctuation or syntax? - and BUT, my thoughts on "the Grammar Police" on AB -
  • It's spelled "alongside".
  • I'll tell you what - you be the grammar police, then send your grammatical corrections to the spelling police. Your second spelling of the word 'grammar' is wrong and alongside is all one word.
  • u go right ahead n help us tapatio,it would be g8 and wed apreci8 da help,thanx,we not all good with da english grammar(allways thought dat was gran lol)
  • Nope, I love having good grammar so any hep would be appreciated. +5 :)
  • ha ha lol,, whats so bad bout mi gramar n enlish cant u understand?????? i thnk its gr8
  • I think it's a GREAT idea!! It bothers me too. +5
  • I agree that the spelling and grammar in a lot of the questonsis atrocious. On some questions it is so bad that it is even difficult to understand what was intended and this is annoying. . What I can't understand is why AB and like sites don't instal spell checker. . Although my english isn't the worst (or best), I still make mistakes. On longer texts I do sometimes export it to word and bring it back, but usually don't bother since it is a hassle. . I think the readability and clarity of questions, comments and answers would be improved!
  • Bugs the hell out of me, but then so does being corrected. I cringe at blatant errors like alot or interchanging than with then, but I'm not perfect either, and where do you draw the line? How bad do you personally feel right now for spelling grammar two different ways in your question?
  • No. I would appreciate the corrections. In my case, it is poor typing skills rather than lack of grammatical knowledge. +4
  • I don't think anyone here has grammar so perfect that they should be correcting others. The best idea would be just to ignore the posting and move on to something you like better.

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