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  • Perhaps you could start out by respecting your wifes wishes as an adult and as a human being. Big concept, I know, but try. She's made it clear that she is not into that. Case closed. Your wife is not a meat puppet that you get to use and bend to your will for whatever you like, whenever you like. She is a person with her own right to boundaries and whose opinion and feelings you must respect. You have no right to push her to cater to one of your fantasies if she was not comfortable with it. That displays to me a clear lack of respect. Drop it and be happy for what you have.
  • never force her into doing something that she is no comftable with
  • Drop it. If she is not into it, just respect that.
  • Ok it is not that i am forcing her, i have expressed that i think it is hot, and she is into making out and fondling another females breast, i am just asking is how do i know if that is truelly all she is wanting to do or if she will go any further. If she is content on making out and fondling i am fine there. It is what ever she wants i just want to know is there a way to find out if she is willing to take it further kind of set up the scenario by taking her to a strip club and getting her a lap dance where i watch or just let her go on her own and if she finds a female and says hey i want to go further then let it go that route.
  • She told you she is not into that. Drop it. Just because you have fantasies about her doing things with other women doesn't mean you should push your wife to make them come true. She is a PERSON. Treat her like one.

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