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  • I believe that when the time comes that you are NOT Happy, Content, and Secure in a relationship it is time to BREAK UP .... IF there is verbal or physical ABUSE ; it is past time to call it quits .... best of Luck ..
  • Put it on a scale, if it's more bad than good, axe it. Sometimes there is just too much bad history and you have to start fresh. Do remember that baggage is portable though, so if you haven't worked out your own personal issues in this relationship you'll just have to do it in the next one.
  • No way to tell without being you what you're up against, but in good marriages we find ways to work things out. Generally, most problems have two sides to them. Find both sides and the problem is on its way to being solved.
  • no one knows what you are capable of handling, but you! When you have had enough you walk away. I walked away with nothing but my child. I left a home I paid 2m for, I left a business etc.. I was so happy to get out of there, money didn't matter!!
  • Unless they are abusing you...try to make it work. Yeah there is a commitment and sometimes it will be hard and you'll wanna quit. Just try to find what you love about each other...don't concentrate on all the reasons you could leave.
  • It all depends on what kind of crap we are talking about. If by crap you mean someone who is abusive towards you or who constantly cheats on you I would say you don't have to take alot of that crap. I don't think God would punish you and hold you accountable for ending a marriage because your spouse couldn't keep their cock in their pants or their legs closed in the case of a female nor would he be upset at you ending a marriage because your spouse thought you were their personal punching bag that they can take all their frustrations out on. If by crap however you are referring to your spouse taking you for granted not giving you the attention you need want and feel you deserve doesn't pay you compliments on how good you look etc and so forth then I would say you are expected to take as much of that crap as is dished out to you. Other than abuse or infidelity there is no valid reason for not trying to do all in your powwer to overcome all that crap as you call it and make the relationship work for the best.
  • Your context is so general,. negative, and defeatist it is hard to answer this. There must be more than a commitment for people to be together. I mean both people have to be getting some good out of a relationship. Otherwise the basis for that relationship is purely technical - just on paper or in their heads. We all "take crap" and we do it for a reason - for the good we derive from doing so. Is unrealistic to think that we can always do only what we want. That will never work in any relationship. I think it is good to look beyond just what we want and try to see the other person's point of view - why they choose to act the way they so. And whether we think there is any validity to it for them. What is the nature of your commitment - you don't say. That would have a lot to do with it. But , in the end, any relationship where the people are not enjoying one another and enjoying being together is going to be pretty much doomed anyway.

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