• I'm sorry to hear that :( Do you still live at home? Move out maybe, if you can?
  • Intricate question with many details unknown, sorry yo...
  • Just contact the authorities. They will help you and your Dad. Someone needs to look into why this is happening. +3
  • make notes of his behavior towards you, take pictures if there are any bruises or other marks if he does hit you. Nobody should have to go through that, ever, no matter who is doing it. How old are you now? If you are under 18, talk to a trusted and sympathetic adult and tell them what is happening. As for protecting yourself, keep out of his reach as much as possible. Finds a place to go where you can be safe and out of his clutches. I empathize, I went through abuse when I was young, and finally eloped with a boy I didn't really love to get out of my mother's house. I don't recommend that as a cure, however. I just got sick of the bruises, black eyes, sprained fingers, etc. When the boy and I decided to get married so I could escape, I found that I had fallen into a situation almost as bad as the one I had left.
  • I left home and set out on my own at 16,maybe you should cut off all ties. It may be hard but you will be safe.
  • Sounds like he needs medical help. I would mention it to his doctor, if you can, and see if he can help. There are so many reasons for abusive behaviour. He could have a systemic disorder (such as heart or diabetes) which makes him volatile. Or he could have something like bi-polar disorder. Once you have sought medical help and if it doesn't stop, I would move out and keep your distance. With regard to building a case. Keep records and dates of abusive attacks. If possible tape the incidents. Good luck.
  • What else did he do? Did he gag and bind you or something?
  • report him to your state child abuse and neglect hotline...a google search should locate the phone number for you. OR you can leave home...check out covenant house new york...they have many locations across the usa. call 1-800-999-9999
  • do you have younger siblings or a mother who is beaten badly on regular basis and you find that the only time you have is to ask people on answer bag what you should do as a 19 year old who loves jesus and sex..or are you mocking those who are too young to move out(like under 12) really makes me angry, those of you that use this as a platform...what the hell are you thinking you are 19 and you dont want to pay your own rent..thats what you are thinking.. nice computer you are on..soooabused.
  • First of all, you should not have to live in fear. But your options are limited by how old you are. You might consider moving in with a friend, but if you are not 18 that might be a problem.
  • I would recommend seeing a counselor about this issue. They can best give you guidance. I wish i could be more of a help, but it sounds very involved and maybe the best advise is someone who can completely understand the situation + 5
  • Here's one resource.. I don't like it when kids run away, but I REALLY don't like abusive parents who never learn. They can help you. Here's another It may be a tough step, but abuse often is much deeper than what is seen on the surface and your case certainly falls into this category. Solution..GET OUT! They won't make you stay if you don't want to. Staying to collect evidence should really be left to people who do it for a living. Give them a call. They have a number and even a text number. Good luck toots.
  • Get out of that house for one. document his behavior and make sure not to leave out details. you dont deserve that.
  • Yes, please go to a Safe Place when you can. I grew up being molested by my stepdad and did not have a safe place wish I did. I had to work it out emotionally when I got older healed now. Now I really want to help others and let them know there is something to do. You do not have to take that. No matter what. Keep us up to date if you need support here to talk to us all.
  • Is there anything called Child Protection law in your country? If yes then call the police immediately next time he is violent towards you. you obviously do not deserve to be such a father infact noone does!
  • How old are you?If your under 18 then I suggest you tell a grown up friend or parent of a friend.Is this your biological father?If it is so bad then you must go to a adult you trust and then have them start court proceedings.You don't really need to build a case against him,most courts will side for the child.If you need any advice or help,let me know.
  • maybe you should call cps if youre underage, if not move out

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