• She's just saying she likes you and she hopes she made an impression on your life that will ultimately turn out to make your life work out better than it would have if she hadn't been involved in it. ...And that you might think kindly of her.
  • she was just kidding..
  • I think it was her way of telling you she has high hopes for your future. She believes you will succeed.
  • People who become "rich and famous", famously, forget the "little people" who helped get them there... Not for any reward, necessarily, but at least to feel that they helped you get there. When you write your autobiography, and mention your favorite and best teachers, will you mention her? Teaching is generally a very thankless job. Almost all former students forget that many times, they wouldn't be where they are today, if it weren't for them. If you become rich and famous, would it hurt to go back to your schools, and let those students know how much certain teachers meant to you? Stuff like that. ;-)
  • It depends on how she said it. She could have been seriously complimenting you or she could have just been kidding around. Either way, I think that she thinks well of you if she said something like that to you.
  • Sarcasm?
  • It is not a joke, and I'm sure she does not say it to everyone. She thinks you show a lot of promise and that you will go far and do great things in your life! You must have made a great impression on her, so congratulations! :-)

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