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  • Go anyway! It's a control thing and she's trying to breakup the friendship. If you tell her that you're going anyway, she'll "eat crow" and go with you. Too bad we're all aren't perfect.
  • Go anyway. If you respect your wife's opinion then you can keep it short with your friend. But it also has alot to do why your wife does not like him.
  • You can be a stellar husband and not go to the party either. Or, you can be a regular guy, tell wife that it is her choice to stay at home or go to party, but you do intend to at least put in an appearance. - There are few rules regarding a couple that doesn't agree about friends. One rule would be that you don't bring the 'offending' person to you and your wife's home. Another rule, if it doesn't exist, should exist: no one should sacrifice a friend to a spouse, unless that friend has offended both you and wife. - Go to the party, stay for only an hour or so, give your excuses and go home to your wife. Be sure to give her a chance to change her mind and go with you. You can have a pre-party agreement that you'll both go, but will leave after one hour or so. - We all make our choices, but those choices shouldn't necessarily infringe on each other.
  • Stick by your wife on this one. Just do something else with her the night of the party. Forget about the party. Missing a party to show that you'll support her social decisions is no big deal. Nobody needs to know why you didn't go, except your wife. On a more important topic, you've got a festering problem waiting to become a very big problem if your wife doesn't like your best friend. Handle that very delicately. Your best friend will understand if you don't see him so much, or he's not a very good friend. But if your wife doesn't like him, I would more-or-less take her side. If your friend turns-out to be a good guy in the long run, she'll come around. If your wife turns-out to be right about the guy, then you'll be glad you took her side. Good luck, that's a tough one.
  • GO and leave her home. Her choice. Simple.

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