• Naughty or nice? If naughty, switches and coal. If nice what ever the folks can afford within reason of course. I think a moderate Christmas would be 3-4 clothing items, 4 to 5 minor toys, or 1-2 major purchases (I consider a Wii a major purchase (as example) and game disks are a minor one).
  • depends on the kid
  • A good guide to use is the age of the child x 2 for the first four years, after that, it depends on the parents level of tolerance.
  • It's not about quantity, it's about quality ~ and I dont mean price~wise. Something they may really really want, will have a bigger impact than a number of little things. Of course it also depends on available budget. We all want to spoil our kids - how we do it is another matter. :)
  • depends on the parents. a nice bicycle would be good. a laptop computer would be nice. an eight gig ipod would be good.
  • It all depends on the parents and what they can afford... A good Christmas present would be a bicycle,any games for kids and some clothing, not to much clothes since kids always prefer toys over clothes =)
  • None in July.
  • Oh I don't know.. it depends on the age of the child, the bank balance of the parents and the kind of lifestyle the parents want their children to have - not to mention values. The younger the child is, the less they seem to care about quanitity. Or even quality... they just want some things to play with =) Children that age are great! Too many toys would probably just be pushed aside and forgotten.
  • enough gifts to make the kid happy, even if it's just for a while

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