• didn't read good, i don'T really like MySpace, i find that useless, why would you let people know your lil' secrets, and trust me, i'm young... younger than boredasmustard... a super bagger!
  • I do not like myspace in the slightest, and that is putting it mildly. I am 16
  • I think it is dangerous potentially, and the 1-2 times I looked at it, it is also offensive in parts. If parents had any clue to what their kids had on their pages, they would be very upset. And of course some would not care or don't have a clue. I think MySpace has NoPlace on the Internet, but of course I am outvoted and it is too late.
  • I think it is a great way to keep in touch. I can't tell you how many long lost friends that have found me or I them on Myspace. I live back in my hometown instead of the place I graduated from so I keep in touch with a lot of classmates through Myspace. I like it....but some people do get carried away. I'll be 20 this month.
  • Im 16 I think Myspace is fine. They might be able to do more about security, but its really the parents who should be making sure that there kids aren't making bad choices on there.
  • I'm 24, I'm on it. But I hate it. I want to delete my account but I feel like I would be out of the loop. So I keep it, but I only go on when someone sends me something, otherwise bleh.
  • I'm 20 and I like myspace! However, I only use it to talk to people I actually KNOW and put pictures up and such. I also really like the surveys on there. If I don't know you, I'm not going to add you. Therefore, I personally don't see a problem with it..
  • I hate it. I only keep my account to stay in touch with certain friends. It took them over a month to reply to a email i sent them because i couldnt log in, Hello by then i figured it out myself.
  • I'm 20 and have been on MySpace for several years. I'm not totally addicted to it like some, but I find myself checking it at least every couple of days. I like it though, I think it's a fun way for friends to keep in touch. I've had lots of people whom I haven't seen or spoken to in years (i.e. friends from elementary school, old friends in CA since I moved to MN, etc) who have found me on MySpace and we've rekindled an old friendship. There's a lot more crap on there than there used to be, spamming and people with borderline pornographic profiles, in particular, but that stuff is easily enough avoided. Given that you're being as safe as you can on there (set your profile to private, don't post anything like your address or phone number on your page (or anything that someone could use to gain access to those things, like an e-mail address or even instant messenger screen names), and make sure that your friends on there are people you know), it can be a fun, sometimes even useful, website to chat with friends and post pictures and whatnot. Plus it's fun to decorate your own page and leave silly comments for your friends :)
  • For adult's it's fine. For children and teens a very dangerous place. I personally don't care for a great deal of the things on there. Like no pornography but they let people like Jenna Jammison have a page, the ads for the personals sites that are borderline innapropreat and the bots from the porn sites on there that are suppost to be blocked from my account. I don't like how when you do report something they don't do anything about it. And as far as I can tell any and all supposed safe gaurds for children on there are totally ineffective just by typing in a diffrent age. And that's why my kids will not be allowed on there. Jay and I also had a situation where a girl he knew from high school started sending him innapropreat emails even after she was told to stop. It ended up that we both had to shut down our accounts. The only reason that I have an account is that a few of my friends use that as their main way to communicate with others. And that account is totally locked down. If it wasn't for them I would have closed my account a long time ago. I'm 32.
  • I'm 23 and I like Myspace, I keep in touch with a lot of people from high school through it, and my friends are my actual friends and family,...though I do have a few poeple on there that I barely know.
  • I hate it with a passion. And I'm 14.
  • i think it is a waste a time and i have seen it ruin many a people. it is sort of a breeding ground for rumors and just plain nonsense sort of like high school all over again. i don't think highly of it. 22 yrs old
  • I'm not into it at all. I have looked at a couple of band pages, but I find it to be very superficial. I also am aware of people who have myspace pages who did not actually want one, and were not aware they had one - that is to say that someone is posing as them - that shows the bad security issues myspace can have. I am 30.
  • I get on it when someone sends me a message or comment, and when I need to talk to someone whose email isn't in my address book. Other than that...I pretty much hate it. I'm 15.
  • most guys i no think its gay... i do too... but thats ok! if you beg to difer... so be it
  • I have an account... a nice one too... my friend did the layout for me... but I only really use it for music.
  • I'm 18. I had it since 2004. I deleted mine in July. Because so many weird pervs kept messaging me. I actually developed a stalker that lived in my town. Haha, he was SOOO creepy. BUT I ended up getting another account around this past December, because all of my friends. Some are away at school, or busy with jobs/children. Even my family. So I only made another account so I can keep in touch. Though people I meet online I talk to for a while I add, if they seem nice. It's kinda annoying though. Like I said Ionly have it to keep in touch.
  • I'm sixteen, personally, I don't like it. I think that parts of it are offensive, and where people are supposedly talking to fansites of celebritites etc I think that its fairly dangerous as you don't know who you are actually talking to. I wouldn't be surprised if it is one of the biggest contributors to the internet meeting things. Also, I think there are much better ways of talking to people over the net that are safe!
  • I have a myspace, and frankly I used to love it.. but now i'm just bored with it. I'm 17 btw. I used it as an new - age email of sorts. Which worked out really well because I was able to re-connect with people I used to know five, six years ago. It is much more difficult to find out the email address of someone whom you don't know their phone number, where they live, work, anything. On myspace you just type in a name and *boom* there is their page. My myspace isn't "slutty" or loaded with information for a stalker lol. I just use it as a way to keep in touch. So yeah, I like it.
  • I'm 27. My space can be very dangerous for a teenager who likes to give out way too much information. Filling out the little surveys are actually a great way for a stalker to find someone who doesn't list anything else personal on their page! I set mine on private because I have pics of my little girls and I only accept people I know. It's been a great way to get back in touch with some old friends and even keep up with some new friends. All the staff at my church has a my space. We use it to tell each other when we have meetings and stuff like that. We also post our own silly videos and pics, so it's better than email alone.
  • I'm 18 and I just graduated. I think myspace is a nice way to keep in touch with friends from high school that I might not otherwise ever speak to again. I agree that Myspace can be dangerous, but it's creators have added features such as keeping profiles private from those you don't know, in order to insure it's users safety.
  • Well, I'm older than any of the respondents so far. My son got me on there about a year or so ago and I like it okay. I'm there irregularly, but as far as social network sites go, I much prefer facebook. It is easier to use, seems to be a slightly older group with more business groups in mind and less drama. I like myspace for simply keeping in touch and keeping up with out of town friends and family. On the downside, I do think young people tend to ignore the safety rules and put too much info out there. Stalkers and perverts lurk everywhere these days and nowhere is really safe anymore, so it's up to the individual to protect themselves.
  • just turned 42. i used to like it, but not so much any more. i was a member of quite a few discussion groups, but it was always the same nonsense over and over. i'm thinking of deleting my account since i'm there so infrequently. too much spam, discussion groups aren't very user friendly, just not much fun to use myspace in general ;)
  • Myspace can be boring. I mainly use facebook.

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