• I do believe it is cheaper to eat processed foods....To shop somewhere like Whole foods and buy all organice and what not is more expensive....But you don't need to be that extreame to be healthy.....I think it is a misconception
  • expensive - not if you cook your meals.. save if you drink less and quit smoking.. if expensive - den i am sure it is still worth it....
  • You don't need to spend so much money on healthy food, you have to spend lots of TIME preparing healthy food. You do not have to buy all organic, although many organics that are found at farmer markets are cheaper than foods that are heavily controlled. Also, buying stuff produced 'close to home' will lower the cost (due to less transportation). It takes lots of time to prepare foods that are low in refined sugars, which are high in nutritional value, that have sufficient fibers, complex carbs, and are interesting. - When you try to live more healthy lifestyle, it isn't just about food. If you smoke, consider quitting. Any money you save by not buying cigs can be spent on healthy foods, or a bike for you to ride. - I think a lot of this all hinges on what you consider healthy. If you mean more exercise, then get out and do something - it doesn't have to cost money. One way of getting exercise while doing good is to volunteer to help out senior citizens with house jobs, or join an adopt a highway crew. Health clubs are not always about getting healthy. Often they are about people watching.
  • Not really -- it depends on how you do it. Vegetables and fruits and so on are pretty cheap, and a lot healthier than canned things. Probably even cheaper if you get a small vegetable garden for yourself and get them from there, instead.
  • It winds up being a lot more expensive in the end if you don't.
  • I disagree; good nutrition does not have to be expensive. There are inexpensive sources of high protein foods like tuna, tofu, and lentils, and other healthy choices (fruits, vegetables, nuts, and the like) can be bought for reasonable cost if one is a smart shopper. As far as exercise goes, walking and/or jogging is an alternative to an expensive club membership. Limiting or even eliminating one's intake of alcohol is not only healthy but saves alot of money too!
  • Noooh...manitaining a royal lifestyle might be too expensive...but healthy one could be achieved at ease...needs only your will...
  • Gee, let me think - Do you think that might be why 20,000 people starve to death every single day of the year? Duh!
    • Linda Joy
      That's usually political.
  • I agreee, Im a poor college student, and let me tell you, i dont have the money to do all the crap that doctors say is helthy, i cant afford a gym membership, and i cant afford the ridiculously high prices for "health food". In many cases it really is too expensive for some one to live healthy, and food is a big reason why.
  • Not more expensive than neglecting it and spending your hard earned cash on medication. . Your question includes the word "considered" so,I'd take that as a mere opinion or "Judgement".So,I've no point in agreeing to someone's opinion which seems very untrue. . If it's "considered too expensive" by someone,it's not necessary to be "considered" true by someone else. There's a difference between healthy and wasteful lifestyle.Sadly people think whatever is expensive,must be good. ..
  • I take lots of vitamins! My urine is VERY expensive!
  • not for me..cutting back on butter, oils, white breads and ice cream, etc....sounds cheaper in the long run....bake or grill instead of fried....nothing expensive about that!!!
  • Any cost incurred for maintaining a healthy life style will pay itself back in dividends with the money you will save in medical bills you won't incur for the health that isn't failing.
  • Not at all, exercise can be free, and water and healthy food can be inexpensive, and less medical bills! :0) Booze and smokes are expensive anyway!
  • Nope. Smoking, doing drugs, drinking alcohol ...they all cost a lot of money and are not healthy. Eating healthy foods need not cost any more than eating crap providing you read labels and do a lot of your own cooking and learn about nutrition. Also, maintaining a healthy lifestyle means you get sick less so you see the doctor less, take fewer meds..all of which costs less! Happy Thursday! :) ((hugs))
  • Absolutely. Try for example buying some veggies and Wal Mart or your local chain grocery store and then try to get the same thing at an organic food place and you'll see
  • No, whats expensive is the organic items. You can technically be healthy just by buying healthier foods, exercising and watching out for labels. (Stay away from artificial sweetners) Though its better for you to eat organically and that is something only a rich person could do. lol It's irritating that I can't afford those things. =P
  • Try meditation coupled with Yoga - the two Indian techniques which proved helpful to the rest of the world.
  • I think that wealth has no bearing on health, other than corporations ran by thin people try to get money from poorer people by placing value more on quantity that quality of foods that they sell...
    • Linda Joy
      Not true. Its actually the 'rich man's' diet, the Western diet that is most unhealthy. They have the most cancer, heart disease and diabetes!
  • I don't think it is too expensive. The long term cost of an unhealthy lifestyle far exceed a healthy one in more than just a financial way.
  • Perhaps, for some parts of the world but other parts are cheaper. However, according to the DVD by Mike Anderson "Eating", the US government alone subsidised about $100 per person on disease causihng meat whilst spent only a dime on healthful vegetables. If you remove the subsidies and move to an open market, the meat industry could never stand a chance in the competition, especially if they also put a price on carbon emission due to flesh production.
    • Linda Joy
      Those plants produce carbon emissions whether they go through a cow or not!
  • depends what you mean by healthy? you can eat healthy cheap but if you want extra healthy and only eat organic, then that can get expensive and then if you want vitamins and minerals, thats more expense! and then if you want exercise equipment rather then just go running thats even more expense!
  • It doesn't have to be. Walking is free, and if you cut out the alcohol, cigarettes, soda, snacks, coffee, sugar, meat and dairy that grocery bill will drop, and you'll be healthier. Oatmeal for breakfast, fruits and nuts for lunch and lots of healthy root vegetables and beans for supper. A little rice, maybe. These are not that expensive when you cut out the supposedly unhealthy meat, soda, chips, sweets and dairy. Water is free and good for you.
  • Yes, but only because everything is too expensive. Want to live healthy? Too expensive, right? You have to eat expensive health foods, use expensive soap that doesn't harm your skin, move someplace expensive to avoid breathing toxic polluted air, drink expensive bottled water to avoid heavy metal contamination, exercise more, which means less time to do productive work, etc. But, living an unhealthy lifestyle is even more expensive, since you have to pay for super expensive medical treatments to stay alive. So why not just die, then, and save all of that money, well, there's the death tax and probate, and burial/cremation fees are getting ridiculous. So, what about just not being buried/cremated, just let your body rot in the streets? Well, the government will fine you for that, too. So, it's going to be expensive, no matter what. Soon they'll come up with a tax/fine for never being born so they can nail you for that, too.

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