• Sheer ignorance. The propaganda machine is very powerful and does all kinds of jobs on the ignorant and gullible and that is exactly what we're experiencing on the US today, something which, btw, is very deliberate, you know the old saying "divide and you will conquer"
  • Mr Knowitall doesn't even know the answer =(
  • Great question. What a tragedy. It fit the agenda of greedy, self-interested people to divide, conquer and (they hoped) rule forever. Glad it didn't work out for them.
  • Stubborness.
  • Pride issues.
  • I'm not sure it is politics anymore. Power, control and greed have taken over every aspect of our society, to include politicians. I believe that politicians use banal reasons to show they have a stance when in reality, all would agree if they (either side) would have more power, control and greed ($$$). +5
  • There may be a clue here: People who think that they are better than others and carry themselves in such a manner. People who take playful jabs, such as what their avatar looks like, and then they get all high and mighty. Answerbaggers who get personal. That sort of stuff.
  • money is greed
  • The average humans capacity for total stupidity is virtually boundless.....and as a people we generally like to show our ignorance to others as if it was a badge of honor. And it's occasionally fun at parties.
  • The Democrats and many Republicans have moved so far away from our founding principles, so far away from the Constitution that it was inevitable. There will always be people who stand up for the Constitution, so the further to the left some people move the greater the divide.

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