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  • If they aren't happy in their relationship, they should end it. It really isn't rocket science. More often than not, cheating comes from cowardice, wanting the best of both worlds, or just not caring about hurting the person you vowed to be faithful to.
  • You have to live with yourself knowing you're a part of that kind of situation. I could never justify it.
  • Sounds to me like you've already morally justified what you did or are about to do
  • I would consider that sleeping with the enemy. I have a big thing about trust. If they aren't happy together, wouldn't they be living a lie?
  • The very thought of doing such a thing makes me ill.
  • It still wouldn't be right. They ALWAYS say they are not happy at home.
  • I think it funny how many people speak against this type of subject...when the chances are statisticaly speaking, that many people have actually been involved in such situations. What you should do is use your better judgemnet...but you are gonna do what you are gonna do...I wont judge you either way. you will do that yourself.
  • Yes. There's already enough rules and restrictions. No one is going to ask permission to have sex, or break up with someone just to have sex with another person. If you want to have sex with someone, then you have the right to do it, it's as simple as that. It's not against the law.
  • Yep. I sure can.
  • Yeah, sex is still sex. And I've always wanted to be "the other guy", see how it feels :D
  • I don't think you can morally justify it. It is a shame they aren't happy together, but that's no reason to go behind the SO's back -- to break the promise to be faithful that is implicit in every monogamous relationship. What the person should do, if he or she isn't happy with the way things are, is to communicate this dissatisfaction to the other person, and either work with him or her to improve things, or to end them. There is no justification for cheating.
  • If you would be ok with telling the person's wife/husband that you were sleeping with their significant other, and they were cool with it, then there wouldn't be a problem. But that wouldn't be cheating would it. In my eyes, cheating is always a compromise to morals.
  • There's no solid moral defense to that. It would make no difference if you knew they were unhappy.
  • "You" as in general, as in people - most can justify anything they care to if they even put that much effort into it. "You" as in me - I believe that sex is vastly overrated {someone should be sued} but my logic says that a another person happiness or lack of does not change what is or is not a moral issuse for me.
  • Yeah. They're the ones that are cheating, not me. No bad karma for me. Only her.
  • Of course....I've been there and done that!!! One woman told me that she was unhappy with her husband...what did I know...I fell for it. She left him, got her own place and I moved in with her. I was outta my mind!!!
  • Absolutely not. People have a right to know what kind of relationship they are in. Nobody should be in what they think is a monogamous relationship that is really an open relationship to the other person. The faithful person should be free to find somebody who has the same level of commitment that they do.
  • By simple virtue of the fact that you need to ask if it can be morally justified means that you can't. It sounds like it is something you want and are trying desparately to justify it. In relationships, there are ups and downs. If a couple is not happy right now, it does not mean that they are not generally and will never be. Nor does it mean their relationship is over. If you truly care for the person you are considering sleeping with, you should give them space and time to figure out what they want. If they break up, that is when you should consider sleeping with them. To make a long story short, the act of cheating is immoral mostly for the cheater and certainly for the 'other' person. I suggest for anyone who considers this to look inside of themselves and ask why they can't wait. Low self esteem seems to me to be the most likely answer and in that case, you should work on yourself instead of getting a quick fix.
  • I could not, but I often hear all kinds of strange justifications. None of them are truly just, and the people saying them dont believe them either, but it is done to ease the conscience, not clear the air.
  • It wouldn't matter to me. I'm actually more attracted to those who are IN a relationship because I love what it feels like from the other side.
  • If they're cheating and you know they are then you are cheating also, or at least your being dishonest and smarmy. If this person will cheat with you, he or she will cheat on you. Why would you want to be with a liar and a coward anyway?
  • Nope..nor can I justify it intellectually, emotionally, spiritually or physically. It's just two animals in heat... more, no less. There is nothing moral or nobel or good about it. Animals screw around without conscience. That's all it is. Two animals screwing around without conscience. Happy Wednesday! :)
  • No. If you have to "justify" something then its likely not right. If the person is in another relationship then yours is WRONG. It doesn't matter what kind of relationship they have, its cheating. Do you justify robbing the bank because they charge people excessive percentage rates on their loans? Against the law is against the law. Wrong is wrong.

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