• That REALLY pisses me off. Seriously, even when my girlfriend does it. Mostly its the fact that someone is taking something that belongs to you WITHOUT asking. If they asked I would be fine, but people taking your food without asking is just RUDE.
  • I HATE it when people take food off of my plate. I don't do it to other people, either.
  • I don't mind it when I'm with my man. We share food all the time. And I think if my mom did it I would just laugh at her. And it would probably be ok with my best friend, but no one else.
  • It annoys me terribly, especially as it is usually the best bit of the wole plate they take. I have come accustomed to slapping their hands away. I would never dream of eating someone elses food
  • I dont like for people to pick things from my plate and no, I dont do it either.
  • If me and mine are eating somewhere we haven't and all get different things, we sometimes give eachother bites so we know if we like what they're having. It helps to see what's good there. I don't mind. Now if it was a stranger. I would slap their hand.
  • Very much I mind! When I'm hungry and I got some good food, then comes along my friend or family and takes some of it to eat! They want me starve or something.
  • I don't mind someone sampling from my plate at all, as long it's my friends, family etc not some random person. I don't mind sampling if it's from my brother's, mum's or dad's plate basically they have to be real close to me. I don't know why.
  • It bothers me to no end. It happens to me quite a lot because I eat relatively slowly, and people seem to get it into their heads that just because I don't appear to be eating my food, that I'm done with it. So annoying.
  • I don't mind. And the only one that does it, is my husband- we can pick off each others plates! In high school, me and my friends (who are like my sisters) would ask first and then we would pick off each others plates...
  • I don't like people taking things off my plate unless I have offered and I don't unless it is offered.
  • come near my plate, you'll get a fork in your hand.
  • see my community of friends is pretty tight nit so if someone takes food off my plate im ok with it, because we have unspoken rules as to howmuch food you can take. it also intitles me to take food from their plate which for the most part i greatly enjoy. you can learn alot about someone by what food they are eating.
  • I certainly do mind. It is rude and unsanitary. I never pick food off someone's elses' plate.
  • I get angry.
  • No. freinds and family pick food off my plate all the time. I pick food off others plates. After reading all these answers of people who hate it so, Im not going to do it ever again!!!
  • Depends on who it is!
  • Keep your friggen hands off my plate!!
  • I think it's very rude to pick food off of other people's plates, unless you ask permission and it is okay. And that person should be a close friend or relative. AND it shouldn't be done every time.... or else, get your own.
  • I honestly dont mind. It makes me happy that they are that comfortale around me.
  • I dont mind at all, a meal with friends is a social occasion, we should not behave like wild dogs snapping at each other when others come near our kill
  • Yes, I am a proud master of silverware fencing.
  • I HATE IT!!!! The only person who does this to me is my mother-in-law, and I despise it. She has always done it to my husband, so she thinks it's ok to do it to me. I have told him to talk to her about it, but he acts like he is afraid to. I think I am going to have to do it myself; however, I'm afraid that I am not going to say it nicely. The woman only sees me twice a year, and this makes me very uncomfortable around her. If I'm around her for 3 days, and eat 3 meals, she will get something of my plate during each meal.
  • My wife yes, we always share. I wouldnt do it to anyone else without them asking me to try it.

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