• It's not obvious? When you are having I LOVE SUZANNE tatooed on your shoulder, and you fall asleep you will wake up with I LOVE BRETT MICHEALS.
  • Because some people don't like having stop signs tattooed on their arsecheeks. I know that's hard for us, as Australians, to understand.
  • You'll feel a prick when you wake up and see what they've done.
  • Only if your driving at night
  • Oh please. There's no farcking way this girl slept through 56 tattoos. She got exactly what she asked for, and freaked out when Daddy kicked her out of the house and her boyfriend dumped her. On the other hand, no self-respecting tattoo artist is going to look at an 18 year old girl and say "A face full of stars? That's a great idea! There's no reason on EARTH I should refuse to touch you with a ten foot needle." So the artist is just as much to blame as the girl. I don't think he should have to pay damages, though.
  • Because you would wind up with a sign for dork on your head. Remember police academy,'Hey Dork'. Even though in police academy it was a sunburn.
  • She is so full of it! Ive giggled about this all morning after seeing the news Falling asleep during a tattoo?? BULL The tattooist said she was watching and kept getting up to check the progress. I find it funny how she all of a suddn said she had fallen asleep when her dad went mental about it and her boyfriend dumped her because he didnt like it. Stupid girl
  • I don't believe it was possible for her to fall asleep through 56 tattoos! No way!
  • What a stupid girl. Stupid enough to have it done in the first place. Stupid enough to lie about falling asleep. Then stupid enough to talk to the media about taking legal action. She should have the word "IDIOT" tattooed across the other side of her face, to remove any doubt.
  • Isn't getting a tattoo just a little painful, at least enough to NOT be able to fall asleep during the procedure.
  • 52 is alot and it's boring to just sit and let someone prick you. Afterall she may be on drugs and could have not felt any pain. She maybe under the influence of a sleeping drug and fell asleep, if she was going to do it that would be a good way of going through that ordeal. But as she is already heading into trouble way before this decision- it is not surprising that it ended up this way. What could possibly be good about having 52 tatoos? Maybe just being the talk of the day.
  • i have nodded off more than once.this is my shin.i nodded off on this one alot.
  • Because if you do you wake up seeing too many stars.
  • i dont think she fell asleep, she was probably just on a drugs (probably xanax) and when she sobered up realized she made a huge mistake.
  • i fell asleep on my first one but thats only cuz i popped a hydrocodone before i went. the guy didnt wake me up cuz i kept talking to him. i was feeling good =]. also very rarely when i'm right at that point where i'm dosing off and i'm right at the edge of full sleep for some reason i have a whole body twitch. except it's not a twitch. more like a jolt. i remember one time i was dreaming about driving a race car and when i turned the wheel to the left i jolted and hit the wall next to my bed really hard. it woke everyone up too.
  • Because there's a good chance the "Kick me" sign on my back won't come off.................
  • You may go in for a simple 'MOM' heart on the arm and end up lookin' like this dude yo...
  • Because she'd be likely to see stars immediaely after her father does...
  • Because you might end up like this
  • I have 3 tatoos, It is impossible to fall a sleep when getting one, pass out in drug or alchol induced stupor maybe, but not sleep. The woman in the news stating this is full of BS. She got her a** reamed by her father and boyfriend and had to make up a story to save face
  • I always have to chuckle when I see people with a tattoo on their face. I just can't imagine the school of thought. I'm sure there's a reasoning behind it though. In my state, it's illegal to have a tattoo done below the ankle, above the neck or below the wrists. When I first saw this question, I was going to respond with the reasoning that most if not all people do not sleep perfectly still and a sudden movement could cause the inker to mess up. After viewing the link, I just have to laugh and shake my head.
  • Because then everybody is going to believe (and as far as I can tell she deserves it) that she is a liar, an attention whore, and a bad customer. Seriously, who'd want to tattoo her after that fiasco?

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