• Expose your genital parts! It will take away from your natural acting abilities. After all, it's a horror movie ...not porno. Right ?
    • Linda Joy
      Are you saying porn actually has a plot and acting talent now? I wonder if it's inversely proportional to the intentional balding of the genitals? Like a reverse Delilah effect? you know like if you shave your genitals then you get acting ability in the p***? I gave up on p*** a long time ago.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      Spend time in the basement, the woods or the lake. lol
  • not sure
  • Never be the victim.
  • One of the worst things to do if you are a character in a horror movie and not the monster, horror is to hide out in an abandoned building. Figure that would be the first place the monster would look for you. Plus you'd be alone sans any help. I mean its an abandoned building.
  • Not look at your script to read.
  • Make the decision to go down into the basement at night after the power has gone out, without a flashlight, to determine what could possibly be making those crazy strange growling sounds. Even though all your friends are begging you not to go you tell them, "oh heck, there's nothing to worry about. I'll be right back".
    • Linda Joy
      you made me laugh till I cried! Thank you! I needed that! And you're absolutely right!
    • mugwort
      I found your reply absolutely hilarious too. ROTFL
  • I always thought it was crazy in horror movies how the kids would go to a random house, knock on the door, hear a weird noise, go inside of the strange house, and then snoop around. I'm not a horror movie monster, but, if some stranger started snooping around in my house on a dark and quiet night, I'd probably think they were trying to rob or kill me.
  • Not have my gun on me
  • Murder all your friends just to annoy the crazy serial murderer.
  • Never walk down into a dark basement where the lights don't come on.

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