• Since Americans are probably the biggest polluter in the world, I would. The tax has to be reasonable and it should go to helping the environment. The money should not go to fraudsters, politicians and crooked businesses. Maybe the US can set an example for the rest of the world. But I doubt it. My answer is too idealistic.
  • Yes, absolutely! While we're at it, let's implement an air tax and a sex tax and a ... uh ... ummmm ... well ... damn, everything else is already taxed: cars, homes, boats, water, trash, gas, food, buying, selling, earning, spending ... ok, so these three would fit nicely!
  • Nope. No point in taxing a NATURAL gas. No point in demonizing something that happens NATURALLY. And guess what the biggest greenhouse gas is? Not CO2, not methane...water vapor! Ban water vapor!
  • Yes, I would. Unfortunately, some people refuse to take notice of problems until it hits them in the pocketbook.
  • I would support it and I would gladly pay it as well.
  • Yes. We need to do something about it right away. We should pay however much money is necessary to take good care of the Earth.
  • hell no. we pay more tax then we should as it is and emissions is the least of my concerns right now.
  • its either already started here in NZ, or about to, however, im unsure of the whole reality of it. If as a big business, you pour out heaps of carbon dioxide, then you can buy credits from companies that have lowering effects on the community, such as forrests. The way I see it, is, its just another way for some one to make more money, becuase , if my gas spewing comapny, is still spweing forth heaps of warming gases, and all I do , is pay a surcharge tax for it, then nothing in reality is changing, rather than buying credits, the business that is most affecting the atmposphere, should be doing something real about cleaning itself seems another attemtp at hiding the real facts, a little like the media furoure over the supposed 'dangerous' swine flu, that to date has killed less people than your average winter flu ! :)
  • Absolutely. I will always vote to tax myself if justified for the greater good
  • No. More CO2 = more plants. More plants = more food. More food = less starving children in third world nations. See, starvation is a REAL problem for humanity, Human-induced global warming is a fantasy that makes for neat movies and making people feel good about themselves when they buy smaller cars.
  • I don't care.
  • Nope we are already being taxed to death plus it will prolly just wind up in some government pocket
  • You already pay that tax on every gallon of gasoline... diesel .. propane .. its pretty high already .. in the USA the average tax is about $0.45/gal ... so what would the tax do... reduce use of energy ... wanna bet ... gas went up to nearly $5.00 per gallon... still sold very well... so whats a tax do ... subsize some other technology where someone else makes profit... no .. congress directs it to where they want .. . the best is just reduce use
  • No I wouldn't.
  • No. (*see responses to others for details)
  • No, because CO2 is not the cause of global warming.
  • Sure, and have all the money go to EXXON
  • I would need more details. I doubt there has every been a bill paased in the United States of such brevity. In theory I do but the specifics could very well change my mind.+5
  • i think it should be for big industrial plants but i think the government should set a standard what they expect the emmisions to be for a year with all the best carbon scrubbers and reductions, and any amount that the company goes over they should be taxed, this way it encourages them to be more environmental without totally putting them out of business.
  • Yes, if that is what the scientists and the government says is necessary.
  • Definately not. Any politician that votes for it will be out in the next election. Why destroy civilisation for some thing that's not real. Even if we play Gore's advocate and pretend man made global warming is real. The costs to "prevent" it far out weigh any damage it might do. Man-made global warming is a hoax. How do we know that it is a hoax? Simple answer: Medieval Warming Period.

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