• fricken oboe reeds. $14 a pop. fml.
  • Could be expensive if I let it get that way: Photography.
  • Yes. Going to the gym lifting weights and playing tennis. They are expensive, healthy and fun. Everybody should have something fun to do in life.
  • Flying: In some respects it's about as expensive as going out to dinner a few times a month. When I earned my pilots license about 25 years ago it cost about $2,500.00 over about 1 1/2 years. Today, it would probably cost about $5,500.00. There are less expensive options now like a 'Sport Pilot' license however to maintain currency you should try and fly about once a week. Weather will cut that down to two or three times a month and that can be a few hundred dollars. Computers: As soon as you buy into todays cutting edge it's time to upgrade. Photography: Got into the whole thing including darkroom. R.C. Aircraft: You pour you heart into your build knowing full well the next time it flies might be the time you turn it into kindlig. Hunting: Bows, carbon arrows, shotguns, riffles, cammo, scents, treestands... Cars: Horsepower follows "More's Law": If some is good more is better and too much is just right. All money holes. The question should have been "Do you have a hobby that's NOT expensive?" My answer would have been simply... No.
  • For me genealogy can get to be quite expensive. It just cost me $20 to purchase two death certificates.
  • Yes my wife...
  • Boating can get costly.
  • Concert going

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