• Even though there was no actual touching of genitalia,this is sTILL a form of sexual abuse.It is more emotional,and it hurts all the same.This is a hard thing to go through for anyone,so I can understand how you feel.Mabe seeing a councelor long term,if you can afford to,is the best thing.Someone who can help you deeper,walking you through these problems,and eventually,mabe,helping you heal.I wish you the best.*
  • There is one called Daily Strength,I just looked it up for you,and of course,if you STILL do not feel comfortable going there,You are most welcome to talk to me.I'm here always for a shoulder(If I don't answer right away,I'll get back to you AS SOON as I can,ok? I promise-unless I die or something.*
  • I would urge you to go to a therapist. Events like this at that age can leave you (as they seem to have) with issues that you need to resolve. You know this had nothing to do with you, it was just the guy acting out his own inner issues. I'm not trying to pass judgment on him, I'm suggesting that you were completely innocent and subjected to his problems. The issue here is how you have chosen to deal with the issue...and you can reframe the experience. Remember, it was not your fault. You are still your own person.
  • i would be totally thankful that he didn't molest you, and just know that he is the weak, insecure idiot that needs help or needs to be beat up. you didn't do anything wrong.
  • That doesn't say much for your mother's boyfriend selection process. No offense, but the chances are that she (your mother) has caused some of your problems. She may not have realized it at the time.   First, your symptoms are typical of one who has endured what happened to you. I.e., it's normal to feel the way you do after that horrifying experience.   Many women find help for this sort of abuse from a qualified therapist. Ask around in your area. You'd be surprised how common it is to be abused by a mother's boyfriend. Good luck.  
  • maybe you should tell your mom what he did

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