• Try joining a sports club: swimming or soccer. Or try drawing
  • You could always do what I did and make a fabulous shine to the great lord Obama. Be sure that you show your respect by prying toward the white house every four hours.
  • How about the latest craze - a summer job!
  • you could make money online? i have instructions on my website:
  • You could get a job, be a jr camp counsler, be a camper yourself, other than that I can't think of anything else. All I ever did during the summer was go to camp for either one of those reasons and then spend the remainder of my time at the beach or pool. I didn't work until I was 18 but that's because my parents spoiled me.
  • Involve yourself in some sommer project camps.You are extremely young and have a lot of challanges ahead.Those camps would equip you with necessary skills.I'm almost 9 years elder than you but at your age I've tried attaining those camps and they have spearheaded my career now. A list of things you could do this summer are 1.Induatrial visits based on your areas of interest.If you are interested in nuclear power generation,get yourself into a short training in a nuclear power plant but,that would require you some serious prior permissions and references. 2.Try learing some good programming languages. 3.Visit a junkyard and learn some automobile skills,it won't cost you a dollar.Observe them work and if possible ,work with them. 4.Try graphics and designing course if,you have some cash in your little wallet. 5.Last but,not the least try and visit places within your reach to booaden your outlook. Warm wishes.

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