• My sister and I got along. We were only 22 months apart in age.
  • My older brother would torment me and my older sister. But my older brother was also a good person to help keep track of me and protect me. I was a Tomboy so him and I got along real well. +5
  • I'm next to the youngest of seven kids. I hardly knew my older brother (the oldest)but I have 4 older sisters. We had the typical sibling rivalries, but two still tormented me beyond that. They were older, bigger and stronger for awhile....but just for awhile. Heh heh heh. And to this day they deny it. I'm amazed I never sought revenge. But there's still time. Yes, still time. My younger bro, the baby of the family had it nice. I refused to treat him the way I was treated, so he missed out on the torment altogether.
  • Tormentee!
  • i was the tormentor but she had to learn sports from me especially baseball. I would drive her nuts about it. Today she's still playing i'm not. she has hundreds of trophys i have none..and she still carries that tomboy attitude to this day.
  • We weren't the best of friends, but there was no tormenting. Our parents wouldn't have allowed that.
  • Me and my brother fought all the time. I was usually the violent aggressor, but he was the "kick me in the face and run off to tell mom while I'm picking myself up off the floor" one. We're best of friends now and we respect and admire each other immensely.
  • no ,,,one of six,,,,older ones look after me,,,younger ones,look up to me,,,,all great for different reasons,,,,love them all
  • My two brothers are a lot older then i am. They didn't torment me but i was tormented by having to watch movies and t.v shows they liked!

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