• When my son's High School football team beat a rival county for the first time in many years. We shouted ourselves hoarse and had such an amazing celebration afterward.
  • Watching (in slow motion) as a hockey puck came directly at my head and then fortunately bouncing off the barrier bar in front of me. (It was a Saturday Hockey Night in Canada, Maple Leafs vs ????....I was the young girl in the red turtleneck with the look of sheer "oh no, I'm gonna die" terror in her case you caught that early 1980s game.
  • play off was just minor league hockey but damnit it was play off hockey and it was free.i best friend is the arenas chiller mechanic and we got the royal treatment.Florida Everblades won to boot.
  • Everton beating Manchester United in the 1995 FA Cup final. Great day out, we didn't stop singing for weeks.
  • My family watched a lot of sports growing up and there are so many moments so I will try and keep my list relatively short: Olympic history: I remember Franz Klammer in the 1976 olympics just let it all hang out on the downhill skiing run, since he had to to win, he was flying out of control, landing on one ski, etc. That was the single greatest olympic memory for me, unitl the 1980 US hockey team beat the Russians, which I remember as a thrill in our house as well. Tony Dorsett's 99 yard run against the Vikings on Monday night football I remember vividly as well as these football memories: The holy Roller with the Raiders beating the Chargers with the play. The Cal Stanford play when Cal lateraled the ball a bunch of times on the last play during the kickoff and then the trombone player got run over. Doug FLuties hail mary against Miami giving BC the win. In baseball I remember game 6 and 7 of the 1975 world series as the Reds won the series. I remember all the Giants games I have been at against the Dodgers at Candlestick park and we all got a little rowdy. But, the greatest moment in sports for me had to be August 10th 1989 at Candlestick park. Dave Dravecky's comeback game from his cancer surgery and I was there. I remember him mowing the reds down 1,2,3 in the first inning and the crowd gave him a stand ovation. the emotion was crazy that day as Dravecky went 7 strong shut out innings until he gave a homer in the eight making the score 4-3 Giants, but he finished out eight innings before Steve Bedrosian closed the game out for a Giants win. Greatest sports memory for me.
  • Colts beating the Pats in the AFC Championships to make the Superbowl... This slightly edges out when the Colts WON the Superbowl
  • I have to say Super Bowl 31. It was this Packer fans dream come true to see her team win the big game. Now for a World Series and the Brewers!
  • When the NY Giants finally won a super bowl, thanks Bill.
  • When my daughter hit her first homerun in softball this season
  • When I was about 16 or so ; I got to go into the locker room of the Cincinnati Reds ... My aunt was a personal friend of owner, Marge Shotts and we had box seats at all home games ...
  • The moment the Chuck Liddell knocked out Tito Ortiz to end his winning streak. That was one of my favorites.
  • Pittsburgh ring #6 baby!
  • The day I realized that no matter what my favorite team did, it didn't change my life one iota.
  • eli manning's short middle pass to steve smith that set up the winning touchdown catch by plax in super bowl 42 i was in tears
  • For me it's a tie between the Lakers finally beating the Celtics for the NBA Championship in 1985, and when they became the first NBA team to win consecutive championships after 19 years, in 1988.
  • I'm not really a sports fan but two great moments that I love are when Billie Jean King beat Bobby Riggs and when the US Hockey team beat the Soviet Union in the 1980 Olympics.
  • Watching Cleasea lift the FA Cup as winners in 2009
  • Notre Dame defeating West Virginia in the 1989 Fiesta Bowl to win the 1988 national championship.
  • It was a moment. I went to a Cardinal Baseball game in St. Louis Missouri. We sat in a near empty stadium, a home game. I sat two seats away from a guy I went to boot camp with ten years earlier. I kept thinking I knew that guy from somewhere. Finally I asked him. That was in the early seventies.
  • When Ireland won the Grand Slam after 61 years in March. Amazing

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