• As if we do God a favor by coming to church.
  • At that point he is interfering with sports and that is truly a sin. If church was on the actual sabbath instead of on the pagan worship schedule, church would not conflict with the NFL.
  • Very sad by the sounds of it..
  • American Christians have no idea what real persecution is. Chinese Christians actually pray for us, that we may experience persecution. Not out of malice, but out of love. We NEED to understand the stakes we're really playing for.
  • People who do not live with a bit of persecution sometimes do not appreciate their freedoms. However, the U.S. Department of State disagrees with Mr Washer in its International Religious Freedom Report for Peru in 2007: With love in Christ.
  • I agree with Homer, we need to experience persecution! However answering the question, I am blessed to attend a church that stays past the time service ends to pray for each other and to just worship. I never attended such a wonderful church that is an amazing family.
  • Christianity in general is sad. Christianity is only popular when they're being 'persecuted'. Persecution is part and parcel of christianity after all. Which is why it's so popular under communism. Persecution feeds into the paranoia. Now in America religion is given free rein, and persecution is persecution when a person doesn't get to cram their beliefs down another person's throat. Thus one tends to enjoy religion when it's not being persecuted. It's a lot like alcohol. It's only enjoyable when it's 'sinful'. Remember Prohibition?

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