• No, there is no such weapon.
  • if this weapon were to exist it would be TOP secret. because no other country would stand for anyone owning such a weapon. but in all likelihood, no. it would take an overwhelmingly large amount of energy to 'destroy' the world (well, depends on your definition of destroy). even a nuke in the center of the earth would not destroy earth. but if you mean destroy the known livable world... then the US alone has enoughf nukes to do that.
  • yes it is called greed
  • If you mean Biological Weapon - YES - If you mean Nuclear Weapon - NO - If you mean Chemical Weapon - NO - If you mean Graviton Weapon - YES - ~Nemo~
  • The use of several well placed Hydrogen Bombs (500 times more powerful than Atomic Bombs) would render the Earth uninhabitable. There is no public knowledge of a stronger weapon, and due to the fact that most weapons and 'secret' devices in the past have been 'leaked' to the public I would say they most likely do not exist. There is some speculation that there are laser weapons in orbit around the earth, but if there are, they would most likely be for targeting specific targets, and not general, mass destruction.
  • CO2, its already torn a hole in the atmosphere and started destroying our planet.
  • As long as crazy, whacko North Korea and Iran don't get their hands on it!
  • Like the supernova bomb from the Halo books? I don't know of any weapon in existence that can split a planet. Not a SINGLE weapon, anyway.
  • If you mean blow the Earth to pieces and destroy it completely... I doubt it. I don't think that anyone has found a way to release enough energy rapidly enough for something like to be possible, yet. If you mean kill every living thing on Earth... I doubt it. I'm sure that there is enough Anthrax stockpiled to kill the animals (5 grams could kill 500M people). And there are certainly worse things than that. But I doubt that there is anything deadly enough to wipe out all of the bacteria or archaebacteria. I mean let's face it, they evolved in conditions far far worse than anything humans could create.
  • It's called GWB, and only the US has it...only now, it's much less powerful than it was several years ago.
  • if by "destroy the entire planet" you mean disrupt the daily operations of the human condition, eradicate a large part of the populace and do damage to Earth's ecosystems that will take many years to repair..then yes many countries have control of such devices. But if you mean a weapon that would be powerful enough to completely wipe out all traces of life on this planet of all kinds, or literally blow the entire planet into little one has that yet...that we know would take millions of times more power than all the nukes on the planet to do that kind of damage. The other problem with Nukes is even if they were powerful enough to blow up an entire planet, the gravity of the planet would slam it right back together again...sure it would kill all life on the planet, but the planet itself would be intact. Not Nukes, lasers, or vaporization energy could destroy a planet completely, the only thing that could break apart a planet into bits would be gravity. you must scatter its mass so quickly that the forces of gravity cannot reverse the expansion process. In other words, you must accelerate the planet's entire mass to escape velocity. Another way of saying this is that you must bring the planet's gravitational potential energy state up to zero. Scientists of course can determine the potential energy required to destroy a planet, but we still lack the technology to build such a weapon that could do such a thing.
  • There are huge stockpiles of nuclear weapons with several countries. It has been confirmed nine Countries have nuclear weapons. They are US, UK, France, China, Russia, India, Israel, Pakistan and North Korea. Iran, South Africa and Brazil have confirmed capability to produce nuclear weapons. While the total quantity of the nuclear stockpiles are unknown it is reassuring that none of the countries posessing the weapons are likely to use them as long as they have responsible Governments. As long as terrorists do not have access to these weapons there is no cause for worry, I suppose.
  • The human penchant for destruction.
  • In existance? No; theoretically? Yes; Can it be made by today's technology? No, it could have been made in the 1960's The Cobalt Bomb would take to long to describe so heres the Wiki link
  • We could certainly destroy the Earth with all the Nukes we have but no, there isnt one individual Doomsday device... yet!
  • The US military could talk over this planet,in less then one year by force,meaning killing the forces of other countries.
  • No, there is no such weapon. At worst, they could kill every human, but the planet would go on happily long after we're gone.
  • Yes it's called ignorance, it's a virus and has been slowly spreading and destroying the planet and it's people. Some have fought this virus but it looks like those forces are losing ground and the ignorance is spreading along with the bacteria called greed. The fungus called selfishness is close behind and they all seem to be combining to cause a super bug that will indeed wipe out humanity. The only cure called enlightenment is in too small a quality and is not available to all who desperately need it. It seems all countries have this weapon in different qualities and have no problem using it at every opportunity.
  • NO! just countries

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