• That isn't stranger anxiety as such, she just doesn't recognise the other persons scent which is perfectly normal.
  • for your niece the person that matters the most in the world right now is her mommy. mommy gets food, takes care of me puts me to sleep..... she depends on mommy for everything so the is the only person she wants right now. she will get over it! give her a few months!
  • yes it is normal.
  • ...yeah, but the best thing to hold your baby while talking to the stranger, let the stranger goo goo and ga ga it...and then let her hold it, but still hold the babies hand or something....and talk to you baby with soft words...till he/she warms up to em alittle, thats what I did with my baby...hes leary of strangers, but when he sees im ok with them...and assures him everything is gravy, hes hunky dory...and is a cutie n not scared no more.
  • I. Hope so. My 5mth has been like this for a little while now.

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