• His mum took him to therapy as a kid (after his parents split up he was an aggressive child) but he still every now and again gets this really weird feeling. he cant describe it any better then being scared that something horrible is going to happen. He tells me that he is scared he will do soemthing in his sleep when he is sleep walking and scare me. One night he sat up in bed which woke me up, so i asked if he was ok, he jumped outta bed, ran out side and slammed the front door really hard! i didnt know what he was doing so i just stayed in bed, i heard a bang out side, then he came back inside looking like he was about it cry. then he just went back to bed. I dont know what this is or what is causing it. He is so normal and fine usually and if he does get fired up he canbe really really angry, but has never ever ever gotten angry towards me like that. I just want to know if any one knows what this strange feelign he gets could be caused by? or what could help? or even what the hell it is?
  • It seems to be that your boyfriend has harbored feelings from his childhood that he wasnt able to overcome before reaching adulthood. When a child is exposed to certain episodes of abuse he/she can register those moments in the psyche which later on in life although forgotten the episode plays back when he or she become threatened in the same nature. Its the reactive mind which makes us harbor tragic and emotional events due to the analytical mind being shut down to prevent permanent storage of whatever is considered a threat to our survival. There are certain things our boyfriends/girlfriends wont let us know about themselves fearing rejection. Make sure when asking him questons about his behavior to ask theses questions in a way which wont make it seem as if his actions are causing doubt in you (if any). If your boyfriend is currently on medication to treat any disorder than I stronlgy suggest couselling as therapy to help ease and lesson any thoughts he may have up until this point. Good Luck!

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