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  • no i think your fine, of course if she's had hundred, then theres something to think about but sure, whats the big deal, everyone is their own person. If you like this girl, thats all that matters.
  • Your friends are idiots.
  • Yes you are right. We all have a past. Some peoples are longer then other. Just be safe about what you do. Plus you have no idea if the chicks of your other friends are telling the truth or not. For all you know. Your best friend's girl might of slept with quite a few dudes and she just is not saying anything. All you can do is control your actions. You need to thinks that everyone is sleeping around regardless of what they tell you. AIDs and STD are out there. So be safe. Do your part.
  • well i don tknow how old u r but if ur in the army ur over 18, i think this is common thoughts in late teenagehood but in ur 20s plus you dont really want to date a virgin if youre not one too...its not bad or anything you just want the person to have a bit of experience. there is not a need for u to knwo her number same with you of her. have your friends slept with girls before their current partners? probably.
  • ...well..first you might have to understand that those might not have been "mistakes"....just part of life and living... ..second..if that is all that matters is her carnal activities, then yes by all means...let her go.. I think you are what your instincts tell you to do...not your friends...
  • You're right, somewhat. Just because she had other lovers doesn't necessarily make them ''mistakes'' yo...
  • Sounds like your friends are a bit naive. Make your decision based on your opinion of the girl.
  • I don't think you have much of a choice anyway. Not many virgins around anymore.
  • Spot on bud. Is it a mistake then or just nature to find who's compatable? or do we have to stick with the first person we give our body too and live a misarable life after when we find out we are not so good together after all. You are not wierd at all.just be careful and take precautions. That goes both ways
  • right. we learn from our mistakes. if she has learned, better for you.
  • dunno theres having other lovers which i dont mind but when theyve slept around one night stands n stuff i think that can be a bit of a put off anyway but its all relative although i have noticed that people vwho cherish every partner n only hav a few true loves end up with people of the same type
  • it doesnt matter if u fall in love with them
  • I think you're right. Caring if a girl is a virgin or not is not only hugely impractical, but morally it's a throwback to the days of even worse patriarchy than we have now. Unless you, too, are a virgin, what position are you in to care whether your girl is or isn't? Of course, you have every reason to worry about your own health. If the girl has slept with other people, I'd want to ask her if she's been tested for STIs. That's even if she had safe sex (no sex is 100% safe). The more time you spend sleeping with new girls, the more you're going to have to ask these kinds of questions anyway. And if your friends don't smarten-up, they'll end up with the clap from girls who can see they have some problem with girls who've slept around and so decide to lie to them about their past. Tell your friends you're a man of the world.
  • You are right! Though I wouldn't call all sexual situations mistakes, only some of them. Anyway, it's probably only better for you two if you have a sexual relationship, because she can teach you new things and she has experience.
  • You're entitled to feel that way.
  • What she did before she met you should not matter. Only what she does since she has been with you is what matters. You had another life before her and she did you.
  • As long as you feel right with yourself.
  • while I think you should care... that is only in the extent that you admit to having a preference one way or the other (purity or experience) that does not mean it should be an obsticle that hinders you feelings for her.
  • I dont really think its a matter of right or wrong....everyones going to feel differnt about that subject as well as many others.
  • your right!, your friends are being judgemental and slightly hypocritical in their thinking ... I will bet my bottom dollar that your friends would get their backs up if they were judged on their past and who or how many they slept with.
  • Have YOU slept with other girls? And don't exaggerate. You ain't no virgin, and unless you rob a jr. high (which is a separate issue) you won't find many virgins around. There's a saying that a girl says no 100 times for every yes they give, and guys ask 100 times before they get a yes. It's just the way it works. If girls say yes just twice in a hundred, they are still getting way more booty than you with way less effort. If you don't like the way it is, then get used to girls lying to you. Because very few girls are going to tell you the truth. You found one who tells the truth. You gonna hold that against her??
  • Hahahaha! ROFLMAO! Your friends are the ones with issues. They had better get going or as they get older there will be no more virgins available. Hahaha!
  • Unless you're a kid, most people have had a number of serious relationships in their life. It's nothing to hold against anyone...
  • Ask your friends what they are going to do when they get older and arent married when they are 30. Will they still feel the same way? If they will only date virgins, They are going to end up alone.
  • your right
  • there is no right or wrong its a ill fucked up to me but how cares it only matters wat u think and feel
  • Used goods should only apply to Goodwill.
  • 2nd Answer. I would insist on a complete medical clearance before even talking to this person.
  • most people have slept with more then one person.doesn't make it a mistake.
  • As long as she isn't STILL sleeping with them...who cares. You must be the mature one in your group of friends I suppose?
  • I would say you're right. I don't too much care about a woman's past either. The only thing I have a problem with when it comes to women is when they suddenly decide to hold back when they find a guy they actually care about, because I seem to always be that guy. I can't stand when women will be promiscuous when they're young, and then think it's a compliment to keep sex from a guy they actually care for and don't think of as just someone to bang. I may have the "nice guy" curse, but it doesn't mean I don't like sex. The only difference between me and the jerks she banged is that I actually plan on calling her the next day.
  • You're neither. You're an open minded person, rather smarter than your friends. That's all.

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