• If the kid wants to play the clarinet instead of the piano, I can't imagine arguing.
  • Whatever the child is playing I would hope they enjoy. I see nothing wrong with clarinet it that tickles their fancey. +5
  • My niece plays the clarinet and loves it. She plays pretty badly too. Then there's this guy some of us old fogies know who also liked it;)
  • Whatever positive things a child is attracted to, let them have it whenever possible! It builds their self-esteem and also keeps them focused, which helps with problem solving and school work, among other things.
  • I don't see what's wrong with playing the clarinet. Are you saying clarinet is not fun to play? They are all musical instruments - Guitar, piano, clarinet. Each individual has his or her own preference.
  • Haha the clarinet is a terrible instrument IMO... there is a point in it, but I agree that guitar or piano would be better if that is what they prefer.
  • The best instrument would be the one that the child really likes to play.
  • You can take a clarinet with you wherever you go. A piano is trickier. Also - a clarinet has the same fingering as a saxophone, so no big step to mastering that, too.
  • sure theres a point. if a kid wants to learn clarinet, i wouldnt put the kibbosh on their enthusiasm and curiosity. to each their own. sometimes i wonder if the instrument "chooses you" ~ its funny how people just inexplicably gravitate towards certain instruments. ive asked many musicians over the years why they chose to play their instruments, and most couldnt really explain why ~ the attraction just magically happens. its like love at first sight ~ ineffable. another thought is if everyone decided to eschew the clarinet, symphony orchestras just wouldnt be the same anymore. ive played with and listened to many clarinet players who can create unbelievably beautiful tones with that instrument. sure, i agree guitar and piano are more versatile for composing and playing a broader range of songs. personally, im biased since i play both guitar & piano ~ and i find them to be the most beautiful instruments aside from the human voice ~ and i would highly recommend them for everyone. but i wouldnt discourage anyone from trying out any other instrument as well.
  • Don't force music lessons on a kid no matter what instrument - they will not enjoy it and you'll waste a lot of money. If they want to learn, they will ask you.
  • Are clarinet players miserable, then?
  • If a child chooses to play the clarinet the parent should support that child. If the child then wants to advance faster than his/her friends by taking music lessons that will enable them to be the best clarinet player they could be than there is no harm in allowing the lessons. BUT if that child decides that lessons aren't fun anymore than the parent should allow them to move on to other things after discussing it thoroughly and not waist the teachers time.
  • let the child decide what they wanna learn how to play .
  • whatever the child wants to play is great. music in general is very enriching, not a specific instrument. and who says clarinet isn't fun? i wanna go to college with my clarinet-playing.
  • I agree that having the child learn an instrument they are interested in is better.
  • I agree.
  • There is never any point in making a non-musical child take music lessons against their will. I took clarinet lessons through high school, because I loved the sound it makes and I wanted to play in a jazz band. I wasn't good enough for that, but I did enjoy playing for a few years.
  • It's whatever the kid wants to learn. If he likes the Clarinet then let him be. He thinks it's cool and that will make it fun for him. Don't try to make him learn something YOU think is fun.
  • If there is no interest, there is little point indeed. But it can teach one discipline I guess.

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