• Here's some fun videos on how to build a chicken coop... good luck with the cluckers!
  • It's really according to how many chicks you get and how much money you want to spend....we bought 12 chicks and built a 10X14 foot building.. one that will last... we used 4X4 on each corner and in between..even put 4X4's around the bottom... used tin 3/4's of the way up and then chicken wire.. the roof is tin...of course we got alot of the material free through friends or found 2nd hand at a discount..with the free stuff... it cost us about $250... we got off cheap
  • You don't need a chicken coop for chicks...all you need is a room!
  • Need a chicken coop? Well learn how to build your own chicken coop at
  • use chicken wire

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