• Sattelite is very expensive and slow. It also requires you keep the dish aimed in the same exact spot at all times, you cannot move it or you lose the signal. Direct TV is one of the very few ISPs offering such service and it's seen by most as the internet connection of last resort, right next to dial-up.
  • This is for ANY ONE considering an air card , from ANY carrier, as of todays date. All carriers originally advertised "Unlimited" on their air cards. This is NOT the case with ANY carrier. ALL carriers (sprint, att, cricket, etc etc etc etc ) Have an unadvertised monthly limit of 5 Gigabytes. Att originally did NOT notify customers of this limit or the associated overage fee. Once customers began racking up 30,000 $ overages in three days hosting illegal download sites from their air card the practice was changed to notify customers about the limit on the advertised "unlimited" plan. Here is the bottom line in english. Sprint overage charge for 1 GB over = 56.00 ATT overage , same exact 1 GB over =560.00 Cricket ,still has cap, but no overage... They will throttle your connection (ie make it unbearably slow) Clearly the guy in the current att commercial is eating prime rib , in first class plane rides for a reason.
  • Depends what's available for your home. If you've landline then ADSL2 if you've cable then fibre optic, if you've mobile reception then 3G if none then satellite, the new types have auto tracking dish so no hassle. If you're on the move then you can only get 3G
  • How you plan to use the internet is also a factor. I have friends who signed up for an expensive satellite plan and were very disappointed when they discovered they couldn't game on it. Of course the vendor told them gaming would be no problem on their system. They were locked into an expensive year of service that didn't fit their needs.

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