• Not necessarily. If the bride chooses the sister as a bridesmaid then that is nice, but there is no obligation for her to do so, especially if the sister is very overweight, a bitch or really ugly. The bride and groom can do whatever they want. It is their wedding day. Whatever they choose someone will be put out. Why cause extra stress onto the bride and groom when it is chaotic enough to plan as it is?
  • There is nothing wrong with having the sister be in the wedding party but it is up to the couple getting married. They get to make that decision.
  • There is no rule against her being in but there is no rule saying that she has to be in. It is up to the bride and groom to decide whether she is in the wedding party or not.
  • whatever.. family first
  • really, if its your son thats getting married, then maybe his soon to be wife has close friends and family that she wants in the wedding with her. i think you need to grow up and just let this one go, its none of your business who she picks for the bridal party
  • It's not a rule that the groom's sister HAS to be in the wedding party. The same goes for the bride's brother. I believe it's up to the couple to decide. And nobody should feel obligated to have someone in their wedding party just to avoid drama and hurting anyone's feelings.
  • i think so
  • If the bride is friends with her future sister-in-law then it would be nice if she asked her to be a bridesmaid. If they are not friends and hardly know each other she should not. It's the bride's day and her personal friends get priority. Being related to the bride or groom does not guarantee you a spot in the wedding party. There is no etiquette rule requiring it. Handle the guest book if she wants a chore, otherwise just be happy for the couple.

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