• maybe try to bargain with him and do whatever you can to stay in your apartment. Shelter is one of the most important things, so make sure you'll do everything to keep it.
  • Be "up front" with your landlord and negotiate a way to solve this. I'm sure he or she will appreciate your honesty and desire to do what's right for both parties. Never write a bad check ... it will not solve anything and will just give you more problems than you already have!
  • If you are struggling, you should contact your electricity company, loan payment company and school fees company first. Request that you make smaller payment in advance and advise them of when you will be able to pay the rest and/or set up a payment agreement with them. A couple of phone calls and a few forms to fill out is all it will take. Advising companies in advance and setting up an agreement is much better than having bad relation with your landlord by writing him a bad check (you probably still have your deposit you need back). If you contact the companies and then in addition go to your landlord and explain what action you have already taken he is more likely to be understanding if you do need him to cut you some slack. Hope this helps.
  • i think the best thing to do would be get the money by robbing the bank or mug your landlord and hide him in a closet
  • Never write a bad check. I'd prefer you tell me you can't pay me now and be up front than to give me a check knowing it's going to bounce on me.
  • You could write a bad check and have free room and board... What kind of bird doesn't sing? A jailbird...just kidding. Always bargain first.
  • John, live up to your name. Honesty is best policy. It saves you in the long run and makes you a better man to stand and bite the bullet. People who have respect respect honesty. If things do not work, and you find you fall apart don't beat yourself up. Just ask yourself new and honest questions. You can run from problems but you can not run from yourself. Good luck, I know times are tough.

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