• A gift once given, can not be taken back legally.
  • If you can prove the items you speak of is yours then he can not take them back. If they were bought in his name and he says they were never given to you, you would have to prove otherwise. Were other people present when you opened the gifts>? Can they testify that he said in their presence that those items were gifts to you? If you cant prove they were gifts to you, he can take them.
  • Not legally if you can prove they were gifts
  • oh HELL NO and he's a BIG JERK if he trys....smack him upside the head! lol......but really do not give them back; gifts are gifts forever!!! (gee, just thought that one up right now!! genius, right? LOL :-D)
  • If they were gifts, they cannot take them back.
  • not if it was a gift ,no they cant..may need proof though ..xmas card referring to it / text etc
  • Whats the chances of the appliences still existing 50% chance they are ground fill by now. A little late to be answering the question.

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