• I totally disagree with that.
  • In order for me to agree I would have to ask each individual atheist why they believe the way they do. I'm sure there are as many different reasons as there are atheists, just like with Christians.
  • I am an atheist because of either a lack of faith or a failure of imagination - take your pick.
  • It is always a mistake to confuse morality, life values and religion.
  • A lot of Atheists i've met would fit that desc. But in the past few months, i met an...i guess he's an atheist, and hes probably more moral than me =S He totally breaks the mold, and is the reason my reply to this question is no ^^ I do not believe you need a god of deity to have morals and values.
  • No, I think that's nonsense. The atheists I know are generally very much moral creatures -- they have strong views about right and wrong and are not shy about asserting them.
  • On the contrary, I think atheists go to a lot of effort to work out their own system of values rather than taking them pre-packages from a holy book. Therefore, on average, atheists have thought more about their values than theists.
  • Atheists who come to that understanding by honest and sincere means and work for the benefit of all humankind are assets to the planet.
  • Does she mean the downgrading of values from the "old days"? These same "old days" where Jews were tortured and killed unless they converted to Christianity. Where Clergymen plotted, conspired and murdered to become Pope (and then tried to get one of their their sons elected Pope after their death). Where someone with enough money could run down to the Church and buy an indulgence which would forgive them automatically for a sin they hadn't committed yet. Where Feudal Lords who exercised their "marriage right" by "breaking in" the new Bride of each of his vassals on her wedding night would punish the Groom if he found the girl "less than pure". Where fathers would have their daughter's genitals mutilated so that as a grown woman she would receive no pleasure from sex and presumably have no desire to cheat on her husband (whom she had had no part in picking). Atheists tend to be far more moral and hold themselves to higher values than any religious person. I see this as a direct result of having a moral core that is self-generated as opposed to one that is forced upon them by an religion. It's pretty easy to say, "It's God's Will." while burning babies or some such, but a lot more difficult to do so if self-directed core values are being challenged. This age of rampant Atheism and Agnosticism is a far more moral age than ANY previous age and anyone who tries to tell us different just reveals themselves as an ignorant windbag. Hope this helps.
  • Not in the least. I think said woman needs to get her head out of her ass. Atheists are there because we see the difference between what Religion promises, and what it delivers.
  • i disagree. just because people evolved and got brains and science doesn't mean they can warp it into downgrading values. i mean what ever happened to the man walking home after dark and being mugged that never went reported because he didn't want to explain to anyone he got beat up? or what happened to the lady who had her purse stolen and it went unreported because she had a gun in there and she lived in the time when she shouldn't have a gun at work? lots of things happened back then and just because people see it now and it's more heavily populated because of better health means nothing to me.
  • I don't considere myself an atheist but that's a bunch of monkey crap.
  • That is absolute crap. It would be extremely obvious to that woman if she ever dared to spend any time with anyone with different beliefs that there can be people with faith in a religion, even Christianity, who treat others like crap, or do bad things and then simply say a prayer and think all is forgiven, and there can be atheists who are wonderful people. Personally, I am not religious at all and treat everyone I meet with respect and consideration. I have very strong values and so do the people I surround myself with (all of whom are not religious, but not necessarily atheists). I have these values for myself, because I want to be a good person. I don't fear being damned for all eternity, I just fear letting myself down. And I think that is a better way to live my life. ...I'm sorry that was a bit of a rant, but I find that woman's statement kind of offensive to many people she does not know anything about.

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