• I seriously would think not.
  • If he puts them in your house, no. It's a loan or gift. If he sells you the appliances, yes.
  • there is more going on here then meets the eye better look deeper into the relationship +5
  • ....I dunno, I dont think its fair you "got everything togather"...just to not have a mate move in with you. Its like a breech in a verbal contract. Maybe you guys need to figure out the problem, and try to work it out...or he should just give you the stuff...for all the trouble. Talk to him, and get something figured out..."adult like"
  • You should talk to a lawyer about whether you have to (you don't say if he's asking you to). Legally, it will likely turn on the nature of the conversations you had, and the legal interpretation is sure to have at least one or two twists that are unique to the law of wherever you live. The question of whether you should pay him for the appliances is separate, and depends on what future relationship you want to have with him. They might legally be considered a gift, and if you insist on that, you might win the argument. But you should be prepared to write off any future relationship with the guy if that's the path you take.
  • Well it was your choice to buy the house and your choice to renovate it according to his liking, I would say that unless he gave the appliances to you then yes you either buy them off him or he takes them with him. I would most certainly look at whether this is a relationship worth keeping.
  • i would offer if you can afford it
  • Nope. From what I gather, he purchased them for your home. They're yours.

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