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  • been there, if you cant trust her dont stay with her, youll just find your too noid to be with this type of woman
  • Take it, or leave it. Ask yourself if you 'had' slept around a lot and then were looking for commitment. What would you expect from your partner? Simple.
  • She's less inhibited than you and this doesn't mean she will be unfaithful, just that she was happy to experiment/have fun without strings. Now she's in a special relationship she will probably be faithful to you if you show her trust and love. There's a huge difference between sleeping around and being with someone special. In some ways she may even be less inclined to stray since she's been there done that sort of thing... Try to relax and enjoy your life.
  • When I was younger I had my moments of one night stands also, I am now engaged with two children and been with the guy for 6 years. If my partner would have thought like you, we wouldn't be here and neither would our children, so don't try and fix something that isn't broken, take it day by day and just think, there might be things that you have done that she might not like, each to their own! x
  • You did not say she cheated on anyone, why the trust issue? What do your looks have to do with anything?
  • The important thing to remember is that she now chooses to be with you which would indicate she doesn't plan on sleeping around any more. It could be that it's only now she feels ready to be involved in a committed relationship. Her past is her past and that can't be changed, at least telling you her history indicates she is communicating and being truthful with you. Now it's a case of looking to your future together. If she gives you reasons by her current actions to doubt her, for example if she done anything that would make you think she's cheating on you then that's when to be worried. Also consider the possibility that you may feel inexperienced in comparison with her and that's why these feelings might arise. If this is so, remember each relationship is about learning a new persons likes and dislikes so really experience does not matter. You have to decide if you can get over those feelings or not. If you can, you have to forget it and not use it against her in the future. If you can't, it's time to move on.
  • Feeling awkward should have nothing to do with it It should be about honesty, trust and fidelity. And surely looks have nothing to do with it
  • Everyone has made questionable decisions a few times in their lives. That should not be held against them though. If she isn't like this now and is faithful to you than don't worry about it. Forget the past and move forward. You cannot change the past so make the best with what you've got. My bf and I have had struggles with our pasts too but we learned to look beyond that bc neither one of us can go back and change what we did. We are going on our 3rd yr together and we fully love and trust each other. It may take time, but ask yourself is it worth taking the time to be with her?
  • Me and my fiance had both done this, been a little wild before we met each other. But only if we were single, there is a big difference if someone has always cheated, or if they were a little wild. he worries about it with me sometimes, but for no reason, i could never imagine cheating on him andi never would. plus all that experience from our pasts make the bedroom experience and explosion
  • give her the benefit of the doubt man
  • .You already have her history, so you must like her as she is your GF. Maybe she's changed. Why would you feel awkward about. Having sex with her or being with her. or is it knowing she had sex with a lot of others might notice her on a date. . Give her a chance maybe she has changed her past life style. When we all were young, we all had different life styles. Today you would not do things you did in your teens. THat’s life, everybody deserves another chance.
  • why can't you trust her? Is she sleeping around with others while she has been with you? if you don't think you can trust someone that has had a past, why did you even start dating her?
  • Im assuming she hasnt cheated on you? If thats the case, what difference does it make about her past? She isnt making it an issue. Shes with you now. It's ok for a woman to experiment and get time in the lab. What a woman does with her vagina is her business. As long as her vaginal business does not conflict with your relationship buisness I see no problem. Actually I see it as a double standard. it's ok for a man to sleep around - their friends think they are king. But if a woman sleeps around she's stigimitized as being a slut. If it bothers you this much talk with her. Explain how you feel and how her past kind of gets to you. Start the dialogue. Also if it becomes a major issue with you (which it sounds like it has become) dump her and raiuse the bar a bit or in other words start looking for quality women.
  • How long have you known her and how long did it take for her to fill you in? And, why did she choose to give this information to you? Not everyone has the strength to let things like this go. You need to determine how much this bothers you and how long has it been bothering you. For some people, they see this as a weakness in themself if they can't forget their partners past. But, depending on how you were raised, these feelings may not be your weakness, but it could be your moral compass identifying a character flaw in her that you can't live with. She is entitled to make her own decisions and live her own life based on what she thinks is right. But, if your moral compass has a problem with her decisions, then she she may not be the one for you. I am not judging her or telling you what she did was right or wrong. I am just saying that you have your own set of values and if they don't align with hers, then it isn't weakness on your part. It is your gut telling you that she may not be the perfect match for you. I went through something similar. When I met my wife and we started dating, she told me she was a virgin. But, after nearly a year together, she confessed the truth. Initially, I thought "no big deal." But, then later she confessed how it happened. Basically, she cruised bars looking to lose her virginity to a stranger. When she finally hooked up with a stranger, it was with a someone twice her age and he was engaged to someone else. My moral compass was sounding alarms like crazy. But, I just assumed it was insecurity on my part. It wasn't, it was my gut telling me, "this girl has issues." Well, we stayed together and got married. But, it took me a long time to get over what she had told me. But, the real problem is that she does have issues. She is severely messed up and it affects our daily life tremendously. She basically can barely function in daily life due to her childhood. She did everything she could to hide all of her problems from me until we got married. So, the moral is, listen to your gut. Don't just bypass the common sense your mind is trying to tell you. Look at this girl from an outsider's perspective. Was she sleeping around because that was expected within her group of friends or was she doing this because of how she was raised? Look at the circumstances and then make your decision. Good Luck!
  • Past is Past!! we all have one, she must have something that attracted you in the first place, you should really try to concentrate on that & try to overcome your miss trust, give the girl a break, or you might just end up like me, on your own !! :-/

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