• Morphine.
  • morphine me baby! possibly in those exact words, or maybe not
  • That was my mothers choice about a year and a half ago. She chose morphine and died peacefully. I would do the same at 1%. 60%, I might endure the chemo? Have you seen the movie Seven pounds yet?
  • This is a great question and one that my friend and I have discussed. I believe I would make the most of each day, spend all my money traveling, and ask for morphine when the time came. 1% isn't very good.
  • Morphine, although, I do have some at home, but I'm not terminal. I've never understood the concept of 'fighting for your life'. It's just one of the things I was born without. So again morphine for me.
  • give me Johnnie Blue and my sailboat and I will sail away happy, a few ampuls of morphine and no tears
  • Having gone through the chemo, radiation and bone marrow transplant routine once..I'm just going to ease on out with morphine :)
  • I would start taking either cesium chloride or drink copious amounts of alkaline water. If I had to choose one of your options, I would choose the morphine. Orthodox treatment is more often than not, worse than no treatment. It can kill you quicker than the cancer by itself.
  • Morphine when the pain got overwhelming. Until then I am spending every waking moment with my family.
  • It's a tough predicament to be in I don't wish anyone to go through this,because i had relatives die from this disease,but i won't choose either option what benefits do i have if 1% chance is pretty slim.:)
  • Those odds are just too low. I would succumb. With morphine, heroin, cocaine, alchohol, cigarettes, and whatever else I could find. I would die like a rock star.
  • No way!!! I've seen first hand with family members what chemo can do to people. It sucks the life out of you almost as badly as cancer. I would opt for self-medication. Stay drunk or high or whatever until the time I passed.
  • If I ever get cancer I will not go through the chemo, radiation or any of it no matter what my chance is of living. I would rather live my last few months or days playing with my children and with my husband and friends than to spend it leaned over a toilet or so weak I can't get out of bed. No thanks just give me morphine to keep me comfortable and let me go
  • It would largely depend upon how much the chemo treatments cost, and what effect they would have on other people's ability to get needed medical treatment. If the cost was reasonable and wouldn't deny anyone else necessary care, then I'd do the chemo. It seems like the more noble path...:-P...
  • I would go for treatment because i think i can beat anything in life if i put my mind to it..:)

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