• Many times... I can't stand the stuff!
  • A few times a year.
  • Yes. I was in a really bad one about 12 years ago. I could hear this rumbling getting louder by the second. It sounded like a train. I thought it might be a tsunami. When it struck it broke my windows, dented all of the cars in the street and set off all of the car alarms, the dog from next door was killed because the hail went straight through his dog house and it was corregated iron. It also injured a lot of fruit bats that were in the fig tree at the end of our street. Most of them had ripped wings. It was a terrible disaster. Lots of houses had tarps on their roofs for months after as new tiles were depleted in days.
  • yes company truck looked like a golf ball when it was over
  • About 2 weeks ago. We have hail often & it sucks! I still have dents in my truck from the storm BEFORE that one!
  • Every few days there is a rain of hail in this city.
  • Many times.....We had one hail storm that dropped soft ball size hail here in Central Illinois about 15 years ago.
  • Not since yesterday.
  • yea me and my sister wasnt extreme though kind of light
  • Yes first time was on the highway to SC we were in maryland first it was nice and sunny then about 2 miles down the highway it was pouring then about 4 miles after that it was hailing and then it was sunny again it was freaky looking because you could actually see the dark clouds on that part of the highway.
  • Yup , many! They hurt!
  • Many times, and some were really big hail, quarter sized or larger. Home, hiking, working outside, camping, and once riding a horse, ouch!!!! Thankfully, never in a car with large hail.
  • Yes many times. I worst I have seen is hail stones the size of baseballs, they do a lot of damage to vehicles, crops and property.
  • Yes, we usually have hail here a few times a year. My worst experience, though, was having it hail on us when we were in a the middle of nowhere on I-64 in Indiana. That was scary!
  • many of them when i was in the sixth grade people had pigs get killed from getting hit by blocks of ice almost the size of volleyballs, but for the most part it is nickel size hail

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