• go to the nearest food bank. that might help.
  • I heard of quite a few people that live a really amazing lifestyle by not working but heading out to restaurants/coffee shops/supermarkets etc each evening and asking them for any food they would otherwise have to throw away... and they give it to them! They want it off their hands. Sounds like they eat much better than I do!
  • ~Completely out of food? If not, let us know what you've still got, and let's see if we can come up with some cool meal ideas. ~Local churches may have a facility to help out. ~Is there a welfare type office nearby? (Here in NZ we have WINZ), where you may be able to get an emergency food voucher. ~Can family or friends help out a little?
  • Depending upon where you live, churches, food pantries, county assistance offices, etc. should be able to help you. Good luck.
  • food bank??
  • Everyone has the right idea about food banks and shelters. Stealing for food in God's eyes is not a sin and in some states like Texas stealing if less than $50 is not punishable by jail time, depending on the police officer you might at the most get a ticket to appear in court to pay what you stole and a fine which can be arranged to be paid by community service instead of money. Thats if you get caught though, its worth the risk, you gotta eat, please let me know what happens, well pray for you!!
  • Try your local food banks and churches. Hopefully they can help. If not, revert to the way folks ate during the Depression. Beans are a very cheap protein. You can make a big pot of dry bean for a little over a dollar. It ain't prime rib, but it beats starving. Peanut butter is another cheap protein, if no one in the family is allergic to it. Dry milk is cheaper than fresh milk. It doesn't taste as good, but because they save on refrigeration, spoilage and wastage and shipping weight, you can get protein into your family cheaply. Oatmeal and cornmeal are also cheap. Cornmeal mush and oatmeal will fill an empty belly. Put a cup of cornmeal and a quart of water on to boil with a half teaspoon of salt. Boil it until it is smooth and serve with that dry milk. Frozen veggies are cheaper than canned or fresh. If you eat beans and corn together, it is a complete protein. Eating a pot of cornmeal mush for breakfast and a pot of beans for lunch and dinner may not be exciting, but you will not starve and you will get what you need.
  • Call any church
  • Potatoes - During my rough times I ate a lot of potatoes. there are many ways to prepare them. Even now I still love potatoes, and they are pretty cheap if you find a 5 or 10 lb bag on sale. Maybe if you ask the food bank or church they can hook you up. I've been there, and it's a bad feeling. Good luck!
  • the grocery stores in my area will throw out the rotissere chicken that does not sell that day...go to the store manager and see if they do that with any food, and ask them if you can have it... churches, yes, some big ones will help can you ask your neighbors? my brother is homeless, and because of that, I have been made aware that there are a lot of good programs to help the needy, but you have to do the legwork with letters, phone calls and standing in lines.... I hope you get help today.
  • You have some AWESOME answers here. Since I've met you I'll give you a chance to say this isn't a joke. What comes next is for anyone looking for free food. GET A JOB!!
  • Take a debt from bank and buy some food. They will surely help you!
  • It might be a good week to fast if you have the right attitude for doing it. I've fasted for 1-2 weeks, but usually for 6 days and I always feel much better afterwards. I prefer to do it with lemon squeezed in water but I always drink plenty of water all day when fasting. The second day is hardest, but after that I'm usually fine. If you are hungry and want to eat, you could talk with friends or family and see if they might feed you once that week.
  • I literally had to sell anything that was worth anything when the gas went up to almost $5 so we could get food, I am diabetic and was pregnant at the time, I even had to walk 45 mins to and from work every day because we lost our car soon after. If there is a will, there is a way. There is help out there, my brother works for Kroger (grocery store) and he marks down meat on a daily basis that still has days left before the "sell by" date, $3 brats for 99 cents, $7 steaks for $2, they let him because there are people starving and robbing them because there are families that haven't had food in weeks, I bargain shop, the freezer is my friend, it keeps stuff that is near date, keep this stuff in mind when you get money to help from this happening as much as you can, I have to support us and the baby on one income right now, I am staying in my 3rd shift crappy but stable job feeling lucky I even have one
  • there are several churches that have food pantries and there is also the salvation army and they give out food at certain times of day for lunch and dinner , also go to the human resource office and apply for emergency food stamps/link card. Specially if you have kids. talk with a neighbor or family or friends, I am sure that someone has some help available even your kids teachers may know of some organizations that can help. I hate to hear of this, if you lived by me our church has a big pantry of food and give out to many.
  • Beans and rice for the next 21 meals. It should cost you about $2 a day or less. I am sure you can find that kind of change in your sofa or by holding a garage sale. Put an ad on Craigslist saying your are disparate and all your stuff needs to be sold to buy food for the family and you may get a few sympathetic shoppers who may offer you more than something is worth or bring you a bag of goodies. Oh, and Cancel your internet connection, sell the computer, sell the plasma tv, turn off the water heater, leave only one light on. There is so much you can do to save money and I am certain you're not doing half of it.
  • So, how does a person without any money manage to use a computer? If you are visiting a library and using a free service, how about looking for a job instead of wasting your time? Any charity (Goodwill, Salvation Army, Red Cross, and most churches) can help you, plus there is surely a soup kitchen/food bank where you live.
  • Go to your local church they will help get you food.
  • welcome to my world. depending on your skills and location you could moon light. that is how i survive entirely.
  • Every city has a food bank, or church that helps needy people. Also can get food stamps from state. You got to get out there to get it.
  • Sell the kids for food. Praise Jesus!
  • ChaosGod: Churches and Food Banks in the Local Area are blessings to those in need. I'll tell you all jokes aside~I'm no rich person but I would moneygram you some money if you needed food (as much as I could:which is a lil' bit)if your for real.Don't ever do without there truely are good people left in the world. Churches are however not going to turn you away (not good ones)~Seek and you shall receive~~!

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