• It's called the food chain. What were we supposed to do before vitamins and minerals came in a neat little pill? You don't need to eat meat, but that doesn't mean it's not beneficial. You could apply this same question to all the animals out there eating each other as well lol.
  • No. If your going to kill an animal, eat it. That is the only reason anyone should kill an animal. Those who do it just for fun, make me sick. They will get whats coming to them eventually.
  • I eat meat because its part of a balanced diet not because i like it. Also i want my kids to eat it and if i dont then they wont. I dont feel guilty about eating pork or beef or chicken because i always buy locally. I like knowing that I am supporting our local farmers and i know where my meat comes from!
  • We are all currently paying for our inhumane actions. Keep eating meat and see where it gets your body in a few short decades. We have pumped these poor creatures up with harmful hormones and preservatives so in essence we are eating meat to cause our deaths. Killing any creature for no purpose just lowers your level of consciousness and reduces you to less than an animal.
  • Some of us have deadly allergies to the very proteins that vegetarians use to stay healthy. Soy and other beans, peanuts and treenuts, fish and shellfish, eggs, dairy products are some of the most common food allergies. If I eat them, I could die pretty quickly. What would you have people in that situation do?
  • I do believe it is ethical and God bestowed because of all the animals that were sacraficed and eaten in the Old Testament. Also, meat is tasty and a good food source. If everyone in the world stopped eating meat, I don't think the world could grow enough food to feed everyone. There is a certain sad element involved because meat is a living, breathing being as humans are. There is an old saying "if you're going to eat it, don't give it a name!" This shows that others have struggled with this for ages, but have come to realize that we raise livestock for food. Period. I have heard that a no meat diet is healthy, and I'd love to try it, but I keep coming back to meat because I'm used to eating meat and I like meat. I'm sure there are other animals out there who would eat humans for food and have no remorse!
  • Consider what would happen if everyone stopped eating meat, and went vegan. Billions of farm animals would have to be either slaughtered, or set loose. Even setting those animals loose would be a death sentance. They are all poorly prepared for life in the wild, and would be a new source of pest in out new vegan world. We'd have to increase farm output by a factor of four, cutting down more trees and destroying more habitats in the meantime. Also our food supply would be at the mercy of the weather. A couple of hurricaines, tornadoes and a hailstorm could wipe out our food supply. Believe me, the death we cause by eating meat is much easier to live with than if we were to not...
  • In my culture, we needed to eat meat to survive. even in this day and age, we still do. now, this "god" you speak of, did he give the ability for understand and compassion to you? if so, did he also give you the way of thought to help people as opposed to telling people (and entire cultures) how wrong they are?
  • Since we are the ones who get to decide what is and isn't a right, then yes, killing and eating other animals is our right. Only the lowest levels of the food chain don't have to kill something to survive, and since I am incabable of surviving via photosynthesis, along with everyone else in the world (at least everyone I've met), something has to die for me to live. In this case, at least, I see nothing wrong with killing animals. Of course, wantonly destroying animals just because we can shouldn't happen. However, who is going to stop us if we decide to do that? Only we can stop ourselves, so yes, it is our right to kill whatever the fuck animals we want.

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