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  • Accept it or move on. That's not a personality characteristic you're likely to change so you have to decide whether you can deal with it or not.
  • Prove him wrong, the only way to push these people off their high horse is to either proove them wrong, or to ignore them entirely. And since ignoring him doesn't seem like a possibility, just google some stuff about sugar causing weight gain, If you show him how far he pushes these little things, maybe he'll realize himself that he's a know it all.
  • This comes from deep psychological sh*t, honey. And it is a compulsion. Gtravels is will eventually be forced to make a decision whether to remain or to leave.
  • Dump him and ask him, "so your so smart did you see that happening?"
  • to be honest with you, tell him to go f**k himself!! obviously he doesnt know shit.
  • get facts and prove him wrong! he will never stop if thats how he is. either prove him wrong. or let him think he actually does no everything
  • Grow up. This is his problem, he's clearly not facing it. You need to grow up and decide what's best for you. As I've seen from your other questions you have a young child as well, better make a decision fast.
  • Your boyfriend is obviously an idiot . As long as he does not get VERBALY or PHYSICALLY abusive ... just don't argue with him .... IF it gets to the point of really severe arguing ; then it just MIGHT be time to think about gettting another Boyfriend and kicking this guy to the curb .... Just think how he'd be in a MARRIAGE if he's this way just going together ...
  • Stop caring about it. If he really wants to believe something that's not affecting your life, well, nothing wrong with that.
  • Personally, morons who think they're clever just infuriate me. This isn't a political issue where you can agree to disagree. Either you're okay with him being kindof dumb and him thinking he's brilliant, or you're not. I know it's drastic, but I'd just not date this person. your mileage may vary.
  • Sugar doesn't make you gain weight. Calories does. Sugar contains energy. Makes you hyper. You actually lose weight.
  • Tell him he's absolutely right, and then make him drive around every single speed bump you encounter so that his trasnsmission doesn't go out also. And double the sugar in everything he eats and watch him try to figure out why none of his clothes fit.
  • Makes me wonder why you would hook up in the first place. Do you like a know-it-all? For me - it gets harder quickly and goes downhill from there. You have to like/love the person you are with!
  • phyillis is right- it comes from deep psychologoical probs and prollyy llack of self esteem (which he will nevver admit to). I was reading your other posts and to be honest? he sounds like he has issues?! BIG issues?! He is afraid of your freedom?! What kind of controlling so and so says that? And dont let him convince you its 'because he loves you'! If you havent already- join the gym! do stuff you want to do! dont stay home all day! trust me hun, these things get worse! I had a bf that started off like this...and this is mental abuse! Also, combined with your other posts, if he is arguing that he is always right he is undermining your worth and abilities and knowledge which is actually mental abuse! you will start to feel like you know nothing if you dont either stand up and prove him wrong (he will hate it and prolly wont admit to it) or just leave him (i know its never that straight forward)...I was bessotted by my mentally abusive bf cuz thats the way they work! thats why they get wat they want- pulling your worth down further and further. But i left him and yes it took a while to gget over but im so happy i did! He started kicking doors down and yelling 'look how angry your making me!' and he broke into my house, broke down my front door, broke heaps of my items- phones and mp3 players, used to threaten to crash when we were driving, once he got angry at a work do. took me outside and started throwing keys and pushing me around yelling 'YOU STUPID B!ITCH! blah blah blah!' in front of 5 of my female work collegues who then went and told everyone else! He threatened me said i couldnt catch a taxi home (i wasnt going to get in the car with him in that state!) oh my god this was 5 years ago (i was 18!) and i just got myself so worked up about it! lol! sorry major spew of all my crap here- point is- watch out for mentally demeaning ppl! they do it very well and you dont realise how far down you get and some of them turn physically abusive too, but the mental abusive is harder to get over
  • ask him to google facts on sugar and alternators going out and if that is not an alternative, let him believe his own b s as you called it and then when he wants something from you come up with a clever excuse/reason why you find it to be a negative thing as well and then let him know you do not like know it alls and then walk away and let him be someone elses problem , you are too young to put up with that find someone who will treat you better and let you have a mind of your own and wont try to be dominant over you
  • people who think they know it all ruin it for those of us who do. icecream is a low calorie food because calorie is a unit of heat :) sorry I just felt like making up some crap with a hint of truth to support it. my brother in law is very much like your BF, one time my son was crying crocodile tears and he said "oh he is really hurt, you can not fool emotions"
  • Do you want to listen to this for the rest of your life? If so, stay put. If not, you know where the door is.
  • Plain and simple - He is right, Sugar DOESN'T make you gain weight. how can he be being a know it all if he is right? surely that just makes him RIGHT. you are the one arguing with him, and if he knows he is right why not stress the point?
  • A lot of people are like that. I know a few. Just let them think that they do really..... If it is not hurting anyone then I don't see a problem with it.
  • My soon to be brother n law does the same crap. I just google it real fast to make sure I'm right before I try to prove him wrong than I do. If he doesn't believe me oh well. He will feel stupid later.
  • Laugh. He could be just teasing you because you get so angry about it.
  • Tell him nobody knows everything. [ it's true ]
  • If you love him, give him the benefit of the doubt on the speed bump/alternator suggestion. Stick to your guns on the sugar question. In other words, pick your battles. And bear in mind that the worst thing that you can possibly do is win a family argument. If you do, apologize immediately. LOL. (That's a saying from a book by Robert Heinlein -- important to credit the author.)
  • His rationale behind sugar NOT causing weight gain, is that sugar calories are VERY easily burned; as opposed to "fat" calories! As for the speed bump. . .I don't know how he can conclusively arrive at that deduction! But. . .he COULD be right!
  • my brother is like this and i just tell him it hurts to listen to him and leave ut at that, kinda gets his goat if you know what i mean
  • Accept the things you cannot change. The boy sounds like he has his own ideas on life in general. The older you get the more you just learn to let people live with their illusion or disillusion. Some things in all honesty are just not worth bickering over.
  • With people like that, all you can do is argue against it for so long until you have to think to yourself - is getting him to see that I am right really worth it? When situations like this arise between me and my boyfriend we go straight to google. Problem over in minutes. If he won't even entertain the possibility of checking google - just say "ok honey" and leave it alone - unless you learn to cope with it - it can easily ruin an otherwise good relationship. You have to pick our battles wisely!
  • call him a fuc king twaty????!!
  • Oh, my.... it's likely he will remain that way. The question is, can you deal with that for the rest of your life? Are you really compatible with him?
  • I have a son who is like that. He went to MIT and now he knows more than anyone in this retarded family or so he thinks. You can't talk about anything because he will let you know the "RIGHT" answer. I love him just the same.....but it is very irratating. I have learned that in a few more years he will realized how much he didn't know.....he my have knowledge but WISDOM is more valuable.....My grandfather had a great spanish that went something like this, "Why let there be 2 idiots arguing....walk away and let it be one."
  • Tell him...YOU made his alternator go out.....that'll show him.
  • I would be a smart ass about it and go on the internet and print out everything that proved him wrong. I had to do that once to a friend that argued with me up and and down about soemthing. I got sick of it and pulled out my cell phone that goes on the internet and proved I was right. He can't do anything when it is right infront of him. He will get sic of it and learn his lesson. Stupid Ass know it alls drive me crazy!
  • maybe you should dump him, he sounds like too much drama

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