• Are you prepared to look after puppies? Are you prepared to put your dog through the pain of having puppies? If your dog has problems while giving birth are you prepared and knowledgable enough to help bring them out? Do you have the money to help pay for their food and vet care? You need to think about these before you try to get your dog pregnant. It isn't a game for children. It is living, breathing little babies who need care, attention and veterinarian attention.
  • You can't get your dog pregnant - in fact you can get arrested for trying! You need a boy dog (the stud) to get a girl dog (the bitch) pregnant!
  • It is cruel and abusive to make more dogs in this world without much planning and research and care. There are enough dogs in the world and plenty of careful caring breeders who are trying to improve their chosen breeds. Is your dog old enough, a good enough purebred, good physically, genetically, checked with X-rays and fine temperament? Can you afford to pay for having a good stud dog? Can you afford the vet visits for her and the puppies, the housing for a litter of puppies, the food, the shots and medical care? Can you guaranty homes for all the pups? Do you have all the registration papers? Are you old enough to sign all those papers? Forget it. Don't make more pups. Get your dog spayed and enjoy her as a fine pet.
  • If your mam doesnt want puppies I wouldnt try and get them!!! There are prob many reasons she doesnt want them, the cost, space and time they take to mention a few.
  • Before you go forward with trying this stunt...PLEASE MAKE take a little trip to at least THREE local dog pounds, shelters in your area. Ask to see the dogs that are available for ADOPTION. Spend a little time really looking them over, give them some love and pats. Nice dogs huh? Now, ask which ones are on LAST DAY. Give them some EXTRA ATTENTION because tonight or tomorrow...THOSE DOGS...will be DEAD. They will be KILLED BECAUSE NO BODY WANTED TO ADOPT THEM. It doesn't matter how cute or friendly they are, how pretty or down right beautiful, it doesn't matter how smart they are, or how willing to learn. It DOESN'T MATTER if they are puppies or adults or older and as calm a dog as anyone would ever want. THEY DIDN'T GET ADOPTED, IT'S THEIR LAST DAY AND TOMORROW OR TONIGHT THEY WILL BE DEAD. Every single puppy that is born, DISPLACES one of these shelter dogs. It doesn't matter if you run a Puppy Mill, are a Back Yard Breeder, a respected and responsible Breeder, who shows their dogs before breeding them, or simply A FOOL. EVERY PUPPY BORN EITHER TAKES THE PLACE OF A SHELTER DOG BEING ADOPTED...OR BECOMES A SHELTER DOG HOPING TO BE ADOPTED. WHICH SORT OF LITTER ARE YOU PLANNING TO CREATE? One that causes 2 to 5 or more other puppies and dogs to die, or one that will be on last day and GET TO BE KILLED BECAUSE the nice people you sold or gave the puppies to...decided it was way too much work to train or care for THE PUPPY YOU CAUSED TO BE BORN? Approximately ONE THOUSAND DOGS AND PUPPIES are killed EVERY SINGLE WEEK in the USA. Do YOU really want to add to these numbers? Just because you WANNA! Just because you WANNA sneak around behind your mother's back and help cause your bitch to become pregnant? YOU GO LOOK (AND TAKE YOUR MOM WITH YOU), AT ALL THE GREAT, SWEET, BEAUTIFUL DOGS that will be DEAD REAL SOON...and let us know if you still think breeding your dog such a great idea after all. And don't forget...visit THREE'll have a real good idea of the numbers I'm talking about here.
  • If it's your mom's house, then RESPECT her wishes! Don't be so irresponsible, Will you be paying the vet bills? Will you be staying with her when the birth is close? Will you keep your distance in the early days? rather then trying to cuddle the new pups? NO I didn't think so! GROW UP!
  • I think the other people were being flat out rude. The question was "How do I get my dog pregnat without my mom knowing?" If you weren't going to answer the question then don't post here. Also puppies barely get put to sleep at a shelter, so the puppies would find a good home, so please answer the question and don't be rude. I think the only way for this to happen is to hope a stray dog comes and your dog is in heat. Like a week or so a lab came over cause my dog was in heat. My dog would have had puppies to but my mom doesn't want puppies. Also Lab+Sheltie= My fav dog :). So just let your dog out side and let it have puppies. But make sue its a nice and good looking stray.
  • There was an old man who once said, "I tell them the truth and they think it's hell". You need to listen to older and wiser people. You are way too young to even be trusted with the care of an animal. This is a life not a toy stuffed animal. Your dog has feelings and deserves respect. She's probably been loyal to you and she's loved you. Why can't you be the same for her? The old man was a wise person. He used to be a President of the United States.
  • i dont think its a good idea to do, if your mum has said no, puppies cost alot and mess up the house ALOT!!! and im sure it would be left to your mum to pay for them, feed them, and clean up after them, this is why she has proberly said no You could maybe ask if you can have a puppy and see what she says, at least its only one then!
  • I have a male pug and my mom doesnt want him to knock up any dogs... Maybe we could meet somewhere and ya... i dont wanna say lol =)

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