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  • excuse my language...but...YOU DUMB ASS...ok listen. woman require foreplay other wise sex can be uncomfortable. foreplay stimulates woman and allows them to get wet which allows you to slide into her more easily and makes everything a frick of a lot better for the both of you. besides foreplay can be very enjoyable...for both of you. the point is...get her excited and stimulated then you can jump her bones.
  • You know why. Your a selfish idiot and you only reiterate it every time you joke about it. Would've been sweet had she gone out and got two guy friends who would have no problem showing in the in's and out's (LOL I kill myself!) of how its done right. Now that would be funnnnnnnnnny!
  • obviously you see sex as for your pleasure only and dont give a shit about her. There isnt any point in explaining this dont care anyway!!! Why would you want 3 women when you cant even try to please one...sounds like a waste of their time to me.
  • I am sure she has already found a real man that can please her. Sounds like you need a hooker and honestly you don't deserve a wife.

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