• I would want to know the pro's and cons first but if the chances where against me dying i would have an abortion. My husband and I could always adopt but i would never make him choose between me and my child nor would i put him in a position to do so.
  • If it were me or it, the little shit would take its first trip through a vacuum so fast!
  • I would NEVER take the life of my child. Even if my own life was at stake.
  • A DUH..ABORTION...if I am going to die what is going to come out of that
  • i dont agree with all abortion laws, but i do think it would really depend on why i was going to die! i mean if i had cancer and it was going to kill me anyways, then yes i would have the baby! if they told me that i was going to have a heart attack only if i had the baby then prolly no! it would also depend on how far along i was, i would never go over 3 months! unless of course i already had three kids to take care of at home, and if thats the case, you have to base your decision on whats best for your children at home too, and dying def wouldnt be the way! i guess what im saying is it's really just a case of what is what.
  • i would go through with it. never know what miracle God might make happen.
  • I am so with all the women that would choose their own life over a starting-at-zero child. I believe in life. Existing right now real life. To trade that for a newborn seems bizarre to me. If we run out of newborns, call me and we can look at this again. I also wouldn't favor a Marine jumping on a grenade at an otherwise empty embryo storage facility.
  • no, because I am sure that for the right to study a pregnant male medical science would pay me enough to get out of this financial hell which makes me wish for death. either way I win, either I no longer have to work my self to death to slow my financial decent because I have money or because I die.
  • i would have an abortion.... it is weird that you ask this question because the same thing is happening on "one tree hill".....
  • I think I probably would. I'm a pro-life Christian and I would be happy knowing that I gave the greatest gift I can, life.
  • I went through with it, I was at risk, not her. I would have killed a perfectly healthy child. I don't care what I have to suffer, even death, I'm going to give the child a chance to live.
  • I would have an abortion... I have a son here that needs me...
  • Sorry, junior. Here's hoping your sibling has better luck.
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  • I developed complications in my pregnancy and was told that it might come to aborting to save my life. At one point I kept falling unconscious and my blood pressure was extremely erratic which was putting pressure on me and my unborn. I was lucky in that what I had sped up the growth of the baby and when he was born 2 months early he was healthy and probably more fit than his mother. But if the choice had to have been made earlier in my pregnancy and there was no chance of his survival, I would have aborted. Seems rather a pointless waste to let both mother and unborn die when one could be saved.
  • I have always operated under the personal understanding that socially, economically, and biologically children are completely and utterly worthless until they are capable of contributing to society, producing more humans, and are able to survive on thier own. Because of this, if it came down to me or my man-baby (which in and of itself would be... odd), baby losses. Every single time. Not that I am a heartless bastard, I just understand that, when it comes down to it, Adults can produce more children pretty much right away, a child must be fed, cared for, paid for, and allowed to grow for roughly 12-15 years before it reaches a state of sexual maturity where it is capable of procreating. I've also always held the belief that the living are always, in every single instance, more important than the potentially living. Also, abortion or not, the medical world would pay me millions for the rights to test me and find out how I got pregnant, and I could really use the money. I would demand the body of the child, however, no matter how undeveloped. Every human deserves a proper Irish burial.
  • I would get a second opinion. If they are all sure they baby would die, I'd still wait it out as long as possible. They have been known to be wrong. Besides, if you wait long enough, the baby might have a chance to survive out of the womb. That way, both mother and baby might live! :) They can do a lot for premature babies these days, so I'd try to care for the premature baby, and leave it to God to make the ultimate decision. I'd keep the baby as long as possible, and if the baby ended up dying, then at least I'd know I did everything I could to save him/her. Besides, abortions have many health risks, which you should research into as well. They aren't as safe as people think. I'd never abort a baby. If the baby's still alive, fight for it. I've had my chance to live, the baby hasn't. :)
  • i'd definitely go through with the pregnancy. it's not my choice when my baby's life should end, no matter what.
  • I'm going to have to terminate the pregnancy. I already have two children that I have to raise and it wouldn't be air to them. I have been advised by my doctor not to have anymore children so I had my tubes tied to try to avoid just such a dilemma.
  • Wow thats a tough one,, but my son and his lady were going to loose a baby and they did all to save her because they knew that the baby was not going to make it. It was very hard for them but there is a reason for all things and I am glad that we got to share the 2 hours we had with him, and I am also glad that my daughter in law is still here with us and they now have a wonderful little girl that was born fully healthy but we will never forget the other little guy, what the doctors did was gave her something to allow her to have the baby naturally , they gave her a choice of that or abortion and that is the choice they made. Unless that is not possible then if it had to be one or the other then the abortion would have to happen, I do not like abortions but if the doctor advised it there would be no other recourse for me

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