• That a clean house will never stay clean, so don't kill yourself trying to make it perfect! They have taught me, that the things we adults concern ourselves with, are not necessarily that big of a deal.
  • To see the wonder in the small things in life....and how to lose at board games gracefully,lol
  • ...never buy anything you REALLY love...because it wont last.
  • My youngest son taught me to recycle. Many years ago for a grade school project, he kept a recycling log and when his assignent was done, we could not believe all of the stuff we recycled rather than throwing away! He taught me to be an avid recycler.
  • That being an aborted fetus really isn't as bad as some people want you to think it is.
  • What unconditional love is really all about.
  • That I can tolerate damn near anything. I learned this when my daughter pooped into my hand when I was changing her.
  • A few things my friend's kids have taught me while we enjoyed the pool .... (1) I can never win, while playing Marco Polo with them. (I think they cheat) (2) I make the biggest splash, when doing the "Cannonball Jump". (they love it) (3) Finger pulling leads to bubbles in the water. (again, they love it) (4) The sound of children laughing is sweet music. (I love it) :)
  • Patience and unconditional love.
  • For one, that they are much better observers than I am.
  • My 23 year old daughter has taught me, through her personality, that it's good to look at facts rather than strictly through emotion. There have been many times where I've run a situation past her that I found upsetting and she was able to support my feelings yet still "see" an area where I maybe took things too personally, etc. I am so thrilled that my daughter is able to see past the little parts I get too caught up in.
  • More love, caring and kindness than I could ever give and a level of maturity and intelligence that I did not think was possible in ones so young.
  • Check to make sure the bedroom door is locked---twice Not all markers are washable The hugs make up for the stretch marks 30 minutes of peace is worth whatever the DVD costs A butter knife is capable of making a 3" hole in drywall It is possible to survive on pasta, peanut butter & eggs Pixie sticks dumped into the fish tank won't kill the just turns the water an alarming color
  • I always thought that my youngest son was the one doing stuff and the older one was trying to protect him and keep him out of trouble. After my youngest son passed away his brother admitted that a lot of the time he was actually either the instigator or actually the one who had done the deed. Lesson learned: kids can play you and they are a lot smarter than you would think. And, on top of that, I should have know better because my sister did the same thing to me.
  • Persistence!
  • That there is no stronger love than the love you'll feel for them. That I have more patience than I ever dreamed I had. That the most important things in life, aren't things. That on bad days, sometimes a little hug is all you need to make it better. That I've become a better person because of them. Too many things to list all of them!
  • I am not a parent, but my nieces and nephews taught me that pain is all in your head.
  • Losing temper and yell do not produce anything good. Our adopted daughter taught us patience. :) Excellent question!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i dont have kids. im 16. but i imagine a popular lesson would be not to have kids.
  • As a grandfather raising my 12 year old grandson alone has taught me to LISTEN. We have the most wonderful relationship. I have had him since he was five. He feels comfortable taking to me about absolutely anything. He is becoming a young man with a heart for God and others. We fish, we camp, we read, we volunteer together.
  • That every second that ticks by can never be retrieved, so fill as many as you can with hugs, giggles and smiles.

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