• Light, I don't think that fast.
  • it depends,light would be faster if you are not on any medications
  • Thought travels faster than light. This is easy to demonstrate with a thought experiment. Line up a great many people side by side to form a line ten light-seconds long. Each person has an extremely precise watch allowing them to drop their flag at exactly the right instant, one after another, such that it's possible to observe the line which marks the lowering of the flags travelling faster than a photon could traverse the same distance. In your mind, you have now created a thought-form which exceeds the speed of light.
  • Probably your thought. You can think of from the sun to the earth quicker than light can get to earth.
  • of course , light. Noting is more faster than light. it's physically impossible (of course, in the range of these day's scientific reason) The thought made of Neuron is kinda material like light but, LIGHT IS THE FASTEST MATERIAL for nowaday's scientific truth.
  • Do thoughts travel? That's the first point to make is 'thought' a physical process or a term which attempts to describe the subjective experience of a vast number of interconnected physical operations within the brain? I would say the latter. In that case we can measure the time taken for signals to move in the brain and within the central nervous system. It turns out these signals are much slower than the propagation of information via light in a vacuum. I don't have the figures to hand but 150m/s sticks in my head for some reason but don't quote me on that. Whatever the number it takes an appreciable fraction of a second for a human to respond to an external stimulus and similarly for "thoughts" (which use the same basic operations) to occur. But the question is odd as thought is not really a well defined term. Basically nothing can communicate information faster than the speed of light in a vacuum. There are some interesting quantum effects which may (may!) violate this but that is on the quantum scale and a bit subtler than first appears, on the macro scale light is your limit.
  • What are thoughts, but electrical stimulation? How fast does electricity travel?
  • Thoughts!
  • Thought travels at the rate of 24 billion miles per second. Light travels at the rate of 186,000 miles per second. Thought is tremendously faster than light. As it is said "Be" and "it is"...
  • Thought is a strange thing. It appears to be instantaneous, goes through any material, it is apparently not subject to any interference and appears to be not limited by time. It strongly suggests that the universe is closer to the holographic universe model than the one presently in vogue.
  • They travel the same speed. Thoughts are electrical and electricity travels at the speed of light. The real question is what is the impulse that makes a neuron fire across a synapse in the first place that enables thought. This impulse is unknown and perhaps what has long been suggested as the soul. How fast does it travel? Also unknown and not proven to exist but we see the results of it.. creative thought.
  • Neither...........a frying pan..........thrown by my wife is so fast that its immeasurable.
  • Light of course. Your thoughts rely on chemical and electrical signals that are sent, received, and processed between the neurons in your brain. Neurons move information from one place to another much slower than light does.

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