• Instinct. I imagine that if I were the pilot I would subconsciously orient my ship "the right way up" in respect to the other ship. Apart from that, if there's going to be anything like docking the ships together, they might need to be aligned properly.
  • G'day Matthew, Thank you for your question. It is because the movies are made on earth not in outer space and are crewed by human beings who evolved on earth. Regards
  • hahaha that's a really good point! I feel like make a sci-fi movie now where all the ships are at different angles!!!!
  • Because in most movies they are limited to certain expenses. 2001 a space odyssey, was the most technically accurate portrayl of spaceflight. Yet it would confuse most folks to demonstrate the lack of axis, and would distract folks from the storyline needlessly. And the same can be said for sound in space as well. One will never hear a ship exploding. Unless of course it's one's own ship.
  • It'd be too dizzifying for us viewers!!
  • I believe that this is because movies are made by and for people and people typically think in forward-backward and left-right movement. So when making a movie, art imitates life. Maybe falcons should make movies...
  • because the directors are not as clever as you

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