• That we are more racially integrated than is portrayed. You look in movies, tv, commercials, etc and such an effort is always made to show inter-racial couples. Of course they exist and that is fine, but it is portrayed as much more prominent.
  • The military. Top Gun would never have happened! I don't care how good he was they NEVER would've tolerated his arrogance, insubordination and cocky attitude!
  • American intelligence.
  • Love... the "boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, girl falls for best friend, best friend dies, which brings girl and the first boy together, and they all live happily ever after" thing.
  • The happily ever after part. Other than that it would depend on the movie. I think most foreigners think we're all rich. Not true. about 15% of Americans, around 40 million live in poverty. You don't see that portrayed much in the movies.

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